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The court decides and no.


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If the parents are married and the child is a minor the answer is yes. If the parents are divorced or never married, the parent(s) with legal custody can make that decision.

A live-in relationship is one in which two people, who are not married decide to live together.....

Temporary custody yes, if the other parent, who's moving, has been granted permanent custody but has no place to live at the moment. If you are married and can't agree on custody you have to go to court and let the judge decide.

No. The one that makes the most money should NOT decide how to spend it. When your married it isn't "Me, Myself & I", it's "Me and you, or we". If you start your relationship based on the word "I", your relationship will end with "I", unless you change your ways.

If the parents have never married and live separately with their own parents, a court would need to decide on custody. Typically, the court will place the child with the mother, but the best interests of the child are primary.

That means they have custody of you and decide over you. Your mother also decide over you and she can end the temporary custody whenever she likes. So you can not decide anything until you are 18yo.

If they have decided so, yes. It's the parents who decide, not the minor.

Maybe. If there is a hung jury, the prosecution must decide whether or not to have another trial. If they decline to re-try the case, the defendant would be released. If they decide to have another trial, the defendant would remain in custody to await the new trial, if he/she was in custody for the first trial. Often, after a mistrial, the defense will make a motion or renew a motion for bond or for reduction of bond.

You have to file at your local Cout House for temporary custody of a child. The court will decide if you get temporary custody or not depending on the circumstances. Temporary custody can be contested in court.

Usually the Court would decide that.

If you live in the US, no, she can't just decide that on her own. Mom either has to agree to it or you have to petition the court for a change of custody.

You can get emancipated. File at the local courthouse. * Being placed in the custody of another person and being emancipated are two different things. A minor doesn't get to decide who has custody of them. The only way a court will remove custody from your parents is if they have been proven to be unfit in some manner. As far as emancipation, in the state of Louisiana if your parents don

No, there is still a parent left with custody. And custody can never be willed. That is for the court to decide. The ones in the will can ask for custody but it is up to the court.

That is up to the court to decide.That is up to the court to decide.That is up to the court to decide.That is up to the court to decide.

If not married the mother naturally have custody and rights to the child while the father have to go to court to get it. If married the parents have equal case of divorce it's this the couple will have to agree or leave it to the court to decide.

Not necessarily but it will give one another time to decide if this is what you really want individually.

The court will decide that. If no family member is available or suitable they will go to fostercare. A will is more like a wish, it can't decide 100% of where the kids is gonna go.

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For me it is not the right thing to be in love with another man when you are into a relationship. You should realized that you are a married woman and you vow for a marriage tie between you and your husband. Concentrate yourself and do anything and everything for your family. Think of your children if in case you have children. Definitely they don't like a broken family, they will be affected emotionally. Be strong when it comes to the aspect of the heart and hope you decide with help of your mind.

No. A minor is not allowed to decide, it's the parents or the court.

You do IF this is written in the custody agreement. If it is not you do have other options. You can call Childrens Services and tell them what you suspect. This may cause complications with any good relationship you may have with your ex husband. You need to decide if the drug use while he has custody is worth the trouble. (It usually is) If anything this can be a wake up call for him.

No. At 16 your parents (as long as they have custody and you have not been emancipated in some manner) get to decide where you live.

You will have to show significant change in order to change the custody agreement in North Carolina. Even if there are significant changes, it is up to the judge to decide the custody of a child.

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