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You can convert your Chapter 13 fo a Chapter 7 if you are eligible for a Chapter 7 discharge. In most cases, you can turn the car back in and the lender would hae the right to file a proof of claim to the extent they weren't able to sell it for the full amount of the loan. The amount property that you can keep is determined by state law. All states have a homestead exemption to protect the equity in your house, but the chapter 7 trustee could sell your home anyway if you have a boat load of equity. Filing for bankruptcy also became a lot more complicated starting 10/17/05, so you should see a qualified bankruptcy attorney in you state before taking and further action.

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Q: If you already filed chapter 13 is it possible to change it to a chapter 7 and keep your property and house and give back your automobile?
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Is it possible to buy a home after filing chapter 13 then chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Yes, it is possible but there are circumstances. Time is a big factor, that is how much time has passed since the chapter 7 was discharge? I know of lenders who will provide loans just one day out of bankruptcy. But a fairly decent credit score has to be there and if its a refinance there has to be some equity in the property.

Does bankruptcy attorney keep rental property income?

The answer to this question depends on whether you are filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, if the rental property has equity, meaning that the value of the property exceeds what is owed on the property, the trustee would almost definitely seize property and sell it to satisfy some or all of your unsecured debts.

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Can a secured debt be taken from you after it was discarged in a chapter 7?

In most Chapter 7 cases you are not including secured property unless you are surrendering the property back to the creditor. If you are holding on to secured property during a chapter 7 process the property must be reaffirmed with the creditor at time of filing meaning you have an agreement with the creditor to leave the property out of the bankruptcy and continue to make your payments. When you discharge debt through chapter 7 it doesn't make sense that you could keep a secured piece of property and not pay for it. Maybe you were unclear about what you were really doing.

How soon can you refile Chapter 13 if you already filed Chapter 13 in the past?

2 years after the discharge of the previous chapter 13.

Can a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge property liens?

Liens, either involuntary or voluntary cannot be discharged in BK, there are there to stay. However, it can be possible to AVOID a lien, depending on the value of the lien, value of the property affected, and the exemption amount for that property. Such a procedure is too complicated to discuss here.

Can I keep an inheritance property if I declare bankruptcy?

When filing chapter 7 bankruptcy there are statutory limits on inherited property. If the value of your property falls below those limits you may keep it. If it is over the limit you will likely lose the property to the trustees. Another option is to file Chapter 13 and you will be able to keep the property.

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Can you forfeit most of your secured debts in a chapter 13 like you can in a chapter 7 if you you do not qualify for a chapter 7 but wish to liquidate as much as possible?

A chapter 13 is a consolidation bankruptcy meaning the debtor presents a repayment schedule to the trustee/court. Secured debts are either reaffirmed or continued paid as agreed if there is not arrearages. Voluntary forfeiture of secured property such as a vehicle is still considered a repossession.

Can you file chapter 7 in Florida and keep your home and property?


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