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It depends on the age. If he is still living with his parents, I know that some parents are strict with their children and will not allow them to make any phone calls. But if he is older than 18 then it could be a bad sign, such as he does not want to make an effort to talk with you. Or he could be shy. I would ask him. It's a bad sign, unless there's a specific problem at his end. (See first answer). A relationship should never be a one-way street.

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The Benefits of Recording Phone Calls?

Recording phone calls can be a great way to keep up with important information in the office, and it can be a good idea to record phone calls when interviewing potential employees or when talking to important clients. However, always make sure that you let the other party know that they are being recorded.

Why do some people never answer phone calls in general?

to avoid the person calling. :-)

Never Drop Another Call with Cell Phone Signal Boosters?

The key complaint among most cell phone users is that they don't always get the best signal. This is an especially major issue in some concrete buildings, malls, parking garages and remote areas. When a cell phone can't get a good signal, calls can cut out in the middle of a conversation, the phone's owner might not be able to make calls or important calls might be missed. A cell phone signal booster is a vital tool in this situation. This crucial phone accessory will boost a phone's signal area, enabling phone users to keep calls alive and never miss calls again, even in the worst coverage areas.

What does it mean when a guy always pick up his phone when he is around his friends but when he is home he never picks up?

When he is out he always has his phone with him and when he is home he never knows where it is.

Is this phone a good phone for talking only?

If you are looking for a durable phone by which to make calls, it is a great phone. It's known for having good reception and battery life and is simple to use.

What to do if boyfriend always ditches you?

Stop answering his phone calls, and move on to another man.

What is a phone log?

A list of phone calls. Can be either calls received or calls to be placed.

Can I get a print out of calls incoming and outgoing on my home phone?

although you usually cannot do it from your home, you can always call the phone company, and they usually a get it for you

Are you charged for incoming calls on a cell phone that are not answered?

no you will not be charged because the call was never in call

If you really like this boy but he never calls he never has money on his phone and is always busy and you always have to call becauz you want to talk to him what should you do?

you should cut all ties and never look back -sounds like a player and that will ruin your life! you should cut all ties and never look back -sounds like a player and that will ruin your life!

What if a boy calls you on the phone?

if a boy calls you on the phone then he likes you or loves you

When someone phones my mobile will i still be charged?

Yes, unlike the traditional land line phone companies which always charged the originator of a call and never the receiver, with the exception of collect calls and calls to 800 and other toll-free numbers, mobile phone companies charge both. Even calls to "toll-free" numbers are billable when made from a mobile phone. And even if you don't answer, you get billed when the call goes to voice mail. I don't know what the case is for incoming calls to numbers that don't have voice mail set up to receive calls.

How do you get your cell phone calls back on your phone?

click on the green button and you will get your phone calls back on your cell phone

Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?

It all depends. If i am talking to a friend, just making small talk, i will text them throughout the day. If it is someone that i have not talked to in a while, or am making plans with someone, then phone calls would be ideal.

Is monitoring a employees phone calls while at work legal?

while at the work place it is always legal to monitor the employees' phone calls. But consider that, this should be limited to the calls made by the employee from the telecom facility provided by the office. Do not intervene into calls made by the employees from their personal mobile phones.

What are cheap phone calls and how do they work?

Cheap phone calls are phone calls that do not cost much money. They work by saving you money that those phone calls would normally have cost you. If you have free minutes or you call collect these calls may be cheap for you.

Is it normal for a man to keep talking with a woman for nearly 4 years and always tell her he loves her and wants to see her and have her and her kids in his life never lets you have his phone number?

No, that is not normal.

Do you always have a dial tone when phoning abroad?

In general, you will always have a dial tone when you are calling from a landline phone, but never from a mobile phone.

When is it appropriate to answer a cell phone while working with a customer?

The simple answer is - it's not ! Customers always take priority over personal phone calls.

What was a ''telephone marathon''?

a lot of telephone calls it is when you try to keep a random stranger talking on the phone as long as possible.

How do you forward calls to your cell phone?

By messaging the calls to my own cell phone

What do you do when your on the phone and someone else calls and the person your talking to keeps on talking?

You could tell the person on the phone that your going to put them on hold for a minute, then answer the other call and ask them to call back later, then continue your conversation with the first caller.

How much is it for talking on your cell and texting on your cell altogether?

it depends what type of phone you have. usually, when you first get a phone, they will tell you what text and calls cost. just check with your phone company to find out, or go to cost settings on your phone.

Is it better to call a girl or to talk to her face to face to ask her out?

Face to face is always the best choice. Never go with emails, or phone calls, or text messaging, and certainly not via friends. Face 2 face is always the best choice!

How can you tell whether a guy who you've never met but talk to on the phone likes you?

If a guy's talking to you on the phone, then he likes you. Period.