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Answerno AnswerYou have a long life ahead of you, if you tie yourself down with a child now think about all the things in life you may miss.

You still have high school dances to go to, sleep overs to attend, after school events, parties in general. Children cost a lot of money and are a huge responsibility you have to do everything for them.

It would be near impossible to take summer day trips with your friends (amusement parks, Baseball games etc) carrying a baby around...

To further your knowledge on raising a child talk to a school counselor, or someone who has children that you can trust.


Listen this is your life and if you want a baby then that is your decision but make sure you sit down with your boyfriend and discuss it properly and make sure you make the right decision. Listen I am a person who had a baby quite young, I was 14 and it didn't turn out great for me. my mum was mad my dad ran away and refused to talk to me and as for my siblings they wanted me to give away the baby. It all turned out alright in the end and now my child is four and I am still only 18. I am just saying, it could turn out alright or it could go down hill.

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Q: If you and your boyfriend want to have a baby but are only teenagers should you do it?
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