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What does it matter that you taked to your ex. Two people can still be friends and talk even when their relationship is over with. Not unless you cheated on your lover then that is a different story. =Answer= If you just bumped into your ex by accident and talked there is nothing wrong with that, but I don't believe you can or should be friends with an ex (unless it's an ex husband and you do it for the children's sake.) Your ex should be in your past and should have no part in your life now. If you aren't sure ask yourself this question, "How would I like it if I found out my boyfriend was talking to his ex?" I can bet you wouldn't like it! Quit kidding yourself and quit playing with fire!

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Do your lover loves you?

I can trust her 90%

When your lover asks you to tell her something?

You can tell your lover everything they need to know. It is because they should have developed trust in you.

How do you develop deeper relationship with lover?

by trust , faith , compromises and understanding !

Dragonfable - have talked to twilly and still do not know how to get a dragon egg?

Click on 'Where to get a dragon egg?'. Trust me, I have wrote the answer. Please trust me.

How is honesty a social responsability?

If you are not honest, and someone finds out about it, no one will trust you.

Why does cat hide the head in your arms for?

The cat has a trust bond and finds warmth and security in you

Should you leave your lover alone?

well it kinda depends if u trust him/her, or where u leve them alone at.

What do you do when your boyfriend finds you unattractive?

Dump him for someone with a decent personality, kindness, and compassion. Trust me, you can do much better than someone who tells you he finds you unattractive. That's abusive.

What can you do to trust your lover?

If you don't trust him or her then you should not be with this person. Trust is innate - either you have it or you don't. If this person has done something to destroy the trust, then you are better off alone. If he or she is blameless in your distrust, then you have issues that need to be worked out and it is not fair for you to drag the other person down while you work on you.

What did john Locke do for the enlightenment?

He talked about how people are generally trust worthy and that the government should give people more freedom.

What does it mean when you dream about your lover showing body parts to other people?

This dream is about the dreamer's feelings rather than about the lover. It suggests that the dreamer feels the lover is giving others what the dreamer expects to be preserved or kept uniquely for one's self. There is a feeling of a lack of trust in this dream.

You stopped talking to this guy you were crazy for because you couldn't trust him. you talked and both agreed that you wanted back what you had. how do you get him to dump his girlfriend for you?

I have a better question... You said you stopped talking to this guy because you couldn't trust him. What makes you think you can trust him now? Or does trust no longer matter to you?

How do you have a good relationship?

by trust your lover and making sure you can tell each other anything and not be afraid he/she will tell anyone x

Did having a lover or spouse cheat on you have any long term effects on your feelings about sex?

No. It just gave me trust issues.

Can you use mother and father for a Cinquain poem?

boyfriend best lover someone to trust always there, never leaves father

How many trust points are given to contributors?

Trust points are given by users to users. If a user finds an answer helpful then the poster of the answer enjoys seeing that they were helpful by receiving trust points from other users clicking the [recommend contributor] link.

How can one fix things with there lover when all trust is lost?

Both will have to put in a lot of effort in bringing the trust back and bridging the gaps,it can only happen if both parties. consider the relationship equally imp

What is an acronym for TRUST?

True reliance, and undeniable surety together.

Can you trust your boyfriend that cheated on you while you were together the first time?


How do you get into my boyfriend facebook account?

why would you do that out shows no trust why are you together

How do you trust a man who is your lover and friend when I'm a courtesan to others?

In order to trust a man, you must open up to him about your concerns. Simply set aside some time and talk to him in a friendly manner regarding the things that are bothering you.

What was a trust during the gilded age?

A trust is when competing companies in an industry join together to control the industry. They form a monopoly.

What should you do if a ex girlfriend doesnt trust you no more but loves you what should i if i lover her?

If your ex-girlfriend doesn't trust you but still loves you then give her reasons to trust you. Show her you can be trustworthy and that you are. If then she understands that you are trying to show her that you still love her and that you can be trusted, ask her out and maybe she just might say yes.

How do you get my female teacher to be in a lover or motherdaughter relationship with me Im a girl?

Do you care about her? Do you find her an important part of your life? Then don't do it. It's illegal. She can lose her job, and why between either a lover or daughter? That's kinda sick, wanting to be her lover. Set your sights on girls and boys your age. Trust me, you don't want to ruin an older idol's life.

How can 'trust' be used to build a community?

If you trust people, you will work more easily with them. It is possible to make an untrustworthy community, but very hard to keep it together and running.