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Maybe you should consider apple cider vinegar many people with herpes are using it and so far no one has reported having any out break Apple Cider Vinegar search the internet to find out how much apple cider you should drink the have a web site you can find it on Google

"Over last 90 days taking apple cider vinegar not one itch or outbreak and the Arthritis in my fingers, arms, and back is 99% gone. It works!"

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Friction is causing the attacks. Use a lubricating jelly to minimize friction.

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Q: If you and your partner have herpes and are on daily antiviral meds why do you both have an outbreak a few days each time after having sex even when the virus appears to be dormant?
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Can your partner never get herpes if you have it?

It is possible to have herpes but never give it to your partner. Using condoms, avoiding sex during and just before an outbreak, using antiviral medication, and time from the first outbreak all decrease the risk of transmission.

If your partner doesn't have an outbreak can you get herpes?

Yes you can still get herpes if your partner doesn't have an outbreak but the chances are reduced if there is not an outbreak.

What is the difference between dormant partner and silent PARTNER?


Can treated Gonorrhea stay dormant in body showing clear lab test and outbreak again after 8 months with no sexual contact The outbreak happened after having sex once with a proven clean partner.?

There is no such thing as a "proven clean" partner. A negative test is reassuring, but may have been a false negative.

Can you catch herpes when your partner isn't having an outbreak?

There is a possibility but the risk of contracting herpes from your partner while they don't have any signs or symptoms is actually small, less then 5 percent. If they are taking antiviral medication regularly then that will even further reduce your chances of contracting it.

Can you get genital warts without partner having outbreak?

Yes you can get herpes without partner having outbreak; but it is a lot less likely.

Can you get herpes if your partner isn't having an outbreak?

You can get herpes if there is no breakout on your partner.

Can you get genital warts from your partner if they are not having an outbreak?

They can be having an outbreak that is too small to be seen or internally.

Can you get herpes when your partner doesn't have an outbreak?

It's possible but herpes is less likely to spread when there are absoloutly no signs or symptoms of a break out. If your partner has just had a break out or has a healing break out then you could still contract it. But if they are taking an antiviral medication or suppressant then they would only have a small chance of passing herpes onto you when they don't have a break out.

Do you have to have an outbreak to catch genital herpes?

no, many people show no signs of an outbreak but you can still spread it to your partner

If you have genital herpes and have been taking antiviral medication and have one more day left to take it can you have unprotected sex with your partner without him getting it?

You should never again have unprotected sex unless you want to give your condition to your partner. Herpes has no cure and can be passed along even when sores are not present, the medication will help diminish the symptoms but the disease will always be there. The risk of spreading the disease is less when an outbreak is not present but some risks are not worth taking. You should never have unprotected sex with your partner. It is a known fact that 78% of partners of people that have genital herpes contract it while it is supposedly dormant. It is a virus that is in your body all the time, what the antiviral medication does is keep it at bay so that you get less eruptions and outbreaks. Its much safer for both of you to stay protected at all times.

What is dormancy?

PLease help! (from Dor·man·cyn. [From Dormant.]The state of being dormant; quiescence; abeyance. It is by lying dormant a long time, or being . . . very rarely exercised, that arbitrary power steals upon a people. Burke. 2.(Her.) In a sleeping posture; as, a lion dormant; -- distinguished from couchant. Dormant partner(Com.), a partner who takes no share in the active business of a company or partnership, but is entitled to a share of the profits, and subject to a share in losses; -- called also sleeping partner or silent partner. -- Dormant window (Arch.), a dormer window. See Dormer. -- Table dormant, a stationary table. [Obs.]Chaucer. A state of reduced activity that enables plants to survive conditions of cold, drought, or other stress. Most plants drop their leaves before going dormant.

Will you get herpes frpm someone with the virus with no outbreak?

It's possible but herpes is less likely to spread when your partner is in between break outs. Your chances of getting it are even further reduced if they are taking antiviral medication or suppressants regularly. There is a higher chance of getting it if they have just had or are just getting a break out.

Can you spread herpes to partner by contact not during outbreak?

It's possible, but herpes is less likely for herpes to spread when you're partner doesn't have any signs of a break out. It's even less likely to spread if you're taking antiviral medication /suppressants regularly. Also herpes doesn't spread by come, it's spread when your genitals rub together during intercourse.

If you have herpes can you pass it to your partner if you have never had an outbreak?

yes, haven't you seen the commercials?

Can gonorrhea lay dormant?

While someone can have gonorrhea without having symptoms, the infection is not dormant. It continues to reproduce in the body, can be transmitted to a partner, and may cause damage.

Could your partner be affected immediately while having a genital herpes outbreak?


How can you keep your partner from Getting Genital Herpes?

no sexual intercourse.Do not have body contact when having an outbreak

Can you pass herpes 1 on to your partner if you've never had a cold sore on your mouth before?

yes you could pass it on fast to your partner. Yes. Some people are 'asymptomatic' which means they don't have any signs. i.e a coldsore/herpes but can still be shedding the virus and be infectious. Herpes can remain dormant for years, so it is also possible your partner has had it for a long time and is only having their first outbreak now. It doesn't necessarily mean you gave it to them.

Can you get genital herpes if your partner is not having an outbreak?

It's possible, but this usually happens just before or just after a break out heals. If it's been a few weeks or months after a break out it's not likely to be passed on. Also if the person with herpes is taking antiviral medication or suppressants regularly that will even further reduce the risk of spreading it.

Who is dormant stakeholder?

A dormant stakeholder, is a person or body corporate who takes nothing at all to do with the company that they have a share (stake) in over a long period of time. It is similar to a 'silent partner' in a business.

As a result of the us foreign policy after the outbreak of war the central powers?

regarded the us as a partner of the allies

Can you get herpes if your partner doesn't have any outbreaks?

You can spread Herpes at anytime. It doesn't matter if you are having an outbreak or not.

What is the chance you will get herpes if your partner has it?

You can give your partner herpes anytime even if you are not having an outbreak. But chances are very high(80% or more) that you will give herpes when you have an open sore.

Can chlamydia lie dormant for 13 years and you be able to give your partner chlamydia of 13 years?

Yes, this is possible.