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== Bump in the road== This is just a bump in the road. Every couple has a few disagreements. You do not need the police to settle this. This is between you and your spouse. You both need to sit down and express your TRUE feelings about this. This will help you know what is bugging each other. If you are implying that your spouse is calling the police when there has been no violence or threat of violence, then that act may be irrational or rational, but either way, it's a criminal act. Filing or making a false report is illegal.

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Is a snake adaptation physical or behavior?


Is behavior a physical change?

no its mental and physical.

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Behavior. Roaring isn't a physical thing. You can't see it.

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What is a physical behavior?


Can the behavior of a material or substance be considered a physical change?

No it is not a physical change it is a physical property.

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No, adaptations cannot be physical characteristics without complex features, such as behavior.

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physical behavior

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If you understand by behavior the chemical reactivity this is a chemical property.

True of false adaptations can be physical characteristics but not more complex features such as behavior?

True of false adaptations can be physical characteristics but not more complex features such as behavior?

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Very much physical.

At what point during a disagreement should the police be involved My wife involved the police even tho there was no yelling or shouting and absolutely No Physical Abuse Was her reaction irrational?

== == Yes, it sounds like she over-reacted. The police can legally intervene when there is verbal threats of physical abuse. If this isn't the case, then it was a large overreaction. Did the police arrest anyone?

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Spiritually and physical.

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how does gopher tortoises cause physical weathering

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A Philophobiac is an irrational fear of falling in love with another being.Root Words: Phile and Phobia.Phile - Usually used in a context of physical attraction.Phobia - an Irrational fear.

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Yes, absolutely. I just had mine.

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the chemical and physical behavior of metallic elements

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Its phenotype.

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physical aggressiveness.

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nothing....... absolutely nothing

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ABsolutely nada.Its lame af there.(:

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primate behavior, human evolution, physical variations of living populations.