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Time is the best cure. The item will not have an impact on your credit report after 25 months from the date of payoff. Sorry. You may also do a letter of explanation, but since you signed on the debt it made you as liable as your daughter.

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If your husband co-signed for a car loan for his daughter and she has been late on several payments can this affect your credit rating?

Hello, Jamison here, YUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her bad credit is your BAD credit!!!!11111

Should you transfer your house to your daughter before you go into a nursing home?

NO. The State will consider this a transfer of assets and, unless your daughter gave you fair market value for the house, this will disqualify you from payments for nursing home care for at least several months. (An exception is if your daughter is disabled and living in the house.)

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If your husband's 17-year-old daughter is living with her boyfriend at college several hours away from her mother can you pay the remaining child support payments directly to the daughter?

I believe he needs to go to court and get that changed. What could happen is the Mother can claim he neglected to pay, and he would have to pay the Mother what he has already paid the daughter. If you call your local family law office, I'm sure they can answer that more in detail.

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Can your loan be in default if you are making your payments on time but have failed to insure the vehicle or provide information to the loan company?

Yes. Making payments on time is only one of several things you agreed to do when you signed the loan papers.

Are there any online auto calculator's?

There are several. For example, offers great advice on cash loans to help you buy a new or used car. Estimates provided for monthly payments as well as downs payments.

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