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Multiple choice examination answer can be evaluated automatically by?

Multiple choice examination answer can be evaluated automatically by scantrons. These machines go through and mark answers right and wrong based on what letter is circled.

If a minor gets emancipated through marriage are they still emancipated if they get a divorce?

It depends upon the laws of the state where the emancipation decree was granted. In several states emancipation rights are automatically revoked upon the dissolution of the marriage.

How do you enter in Canada?

Through immigration.

Do you have to go through immigration in London if you are connecting to an EU country?

Generally, if you are in transit and pass through a country for a connection you do not need to go through the immigration process of that country.

What has the author Mark Krikorian written?

Mark Krikorian has written: 'The new case against immigration' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, Assimilation (Sociology), Americanization 'How Obama is transforming America through immigration' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, Government policy 'How Obama is transforming America through immigration' -- subject(s): Emigration and immigration, Government policy

What are the requirements for immigration to Sweden?

For immigration to Sweden Plz go through that link u will get infomation

What was the immigration station in San Francisco through which most Asian immigrants entered.?

Angel Island Immigration Station

How did pasta get to the US?

It came to the US through immigration.

Where can you find immigration lawyers?

AILA can help you find an immigration attorney in your area through the new online Immigration Lawyer Search. They are a trusted service with many reliable lawyers.

What was it like to go through the immigration process at Ellis Island?

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How do you get a visa for your fiance?

Get an Immigration Lawyer. They can lead you through everything.

What could happen to illegal immigrants married to US citizens if new immigration laws are enacted?

I would advise that they return home and attempt to seek immigration to the US through the legal alien immigration office and allow their alien ambassador to get them an alien American greencard. The non citizen spouse will be allowed to file for an adjustment of status. If it is not granted the non citizen spouse will still be allowed to use the established appeal process, he or she WILL NOT be automatically deported.

When 1892 to 1954 million of immigration entered the US through an immigration station in the northeast called?

Ellis Island, in New York City.

Who enforces immigration laws?

The federal government is supposed to, through the Immigration & Naturalization Service ("INS").Added: The agency is now known as Immigration and Customs Enforcement Branch (ICE) of the Department of Homeland Security.

How is Canada connected to the US through immigration?

they share the largest border

Do you need to go through immigration to go to Abu Dhabi from Dubai?


Can an illegal immigrant travel by plane within Canada without problems from Immigration?

Yes, we did it in December 2008 with no problems, as you don't travel through Immigration.

How did the different ethnic groups in the US get there?

The different ethnicities in the United States all arrived through immigration, with two exceptions. All of the Native American Tribes that exist within US territory had been there prior to European immigration and the African-Americans came through slave importation, not willing immigration.

Where can one find information on immigration and citizenship online?

Immigration and citizenship information for different countries is available through various websites. An individual will need to search through a country's particular government site that covers this topic.

Is it possible to iterate multiple items over a iterator?

No. An iterator can be used to iterate through only one collection. to iterate through multiple collections you must use multiple iterators.

Where is information on new Zealand immigration found?

There is an entire New Zealand government website that is all about immigration. That would be the first place to look for information on New Zealand immigration. Through that site, one can apply for a work permit and a visa. Employers can also learn about the immigration laws which will impact them and their employees.

The definition of the word citizenship?

Being a native or naturalized (through immigration) member of a country

How many people pass through Angel Island immigration station?

one million

How the 1965 immigration and nationally act resulted in an increase in illegal aliens?

Through prayer.

How Im in the us illegal from Mexico what can you do to be legal?

Apply for citizenship through the Bureau of Immigration.