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you can look fro things online in New York or in the newspaper

in the newspaper look for a description of a 13 year old

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How old was Joe Jonas in his Broadway show La Boheme?

He was 13 years old. The show ran from November 2002 till June 2003.

How old are actresses on Broadway?

it varies from show to show. I have seen shows on Broadway where there are children from 8-10 or even younger sometimes. It is however old the part calls for.

How old was Lea Michele when she started on broadway?

8 years old.

How old was Nick Jonas when he starred in Broadway?

From 8 to 10 years old.

How did miley become an actress?

She went on Broadway when she was 2 years old with her dad.

How old Nick Jonas was when he was put on Broadway?

He was from 8 to 10 years old (November 2000-May 2003)

How old do you have to be to perform in a pub or club in the UK as a band?

16 years old

How old do you have to be on a show?

11 years old

How old is Idina Menzel?

Broadway actress Idina Menzel is 46 years old (birthdate: May 30, 1971).

How old is Nala?

You have to be 9-11 years old to be young Nala on the Lion King on Broadway, and 4"2 tall.

How old is Ashley Brown?

Broadway actresss Ashley Brown is 32 years old (birthdate: February 3, 1982).

How old is Johnny on Cartoon Network?

Johnny Test is 11-years-old, Johnny Test (The Show) is 5 years old, (As of April 2011), Johnny Bravo (The Show) is 13 years old (As of April 2011), Jonny Quest is 11 years old, Jonny quest (Show) is 47 years old.

How old is the game show jeapordy?

The Jeopardy show is 36 years old

What is the duration of Lights of Old Broadway?

The duration of Lights of Old Broadway is 1.17 hours.

How old is Philip Bosco?

Broadway and film actor Philip Bosco is 87 years old (born September 26, 1930).

How did asley tisdale get to sing on Broadway?

Ashley got to sing on Broadway because, Bill Perlman was actually looking for that special person who he wanted on Broadway. Ashley was 3 years old at this time and she was spotted in the mall with her mum by Bill. He asked her to be in the Broadway show but the first time round she said no. Bill gave Tisdale {mother} his card incase if they changed their minds. Tisdale's mum actually called back and said yes. That's how Ashley was on Broadway!

How old is the show The Nanny?

the show has been on for 16 years

How old is Elmo?

On the show "Sesame Street", Elmo is three years old.he is three years old

How old do you have to show in 4-h?

9 years old to show large livestock

How old is Malcolm in the middle?

The show is 20 years old.

How old is the show Pokemon?

about 16 or 17 years old!

How old is monk the TV show?

7 years old

How old is nevele on iCarly?

He is 11 years old...on the show.

How old is amber from hollyoaks?

on the show she is 15 years old

How old is the tv show cailou?

He is 5 Years old