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If you are 16 years of age and live in California can you move out and have your 19 year old boyfriend support you without parents consent?

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No, because you are under 18 and are still under your parents "rule". however, if necessary, you can actually "legally divorce" your parents and emancipate yourself from them. (declare yourself legeally independent from your parents) * A minor can

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Can a 17-year-old move into her boyfriend and his parents' house with both his and her parents' consent?

With parental consent, yes. The move does not relieve the girls' parents from being responsible for her support, welfare and maintenance.

Can your pregnant 16 year old daughter stay with her boyfriend and his family legally?

Only with parental consent. Her parents still have to support her.

Can a 15 year old girl move in with her 19 year old boyfriend with parental consent?

I THINK you can if you have parental consent, AND the law doesn't say you can't. And also if the 19 year old boyfriend can support the girl.

Can you move out of your parents home in California at age 17 and collect child support from your parents?


If one parent wants to relocate daughter with family members out of state can she without the other parents consent?

I get the feeling they are not married. if there are court orders for custody, visitation and child support she can not do this without the other parents consent and the courts consent. Otherwise she will be breaking the courts orders which is illegal.

Can a 17 year old get married in California?

A 17-year-old can get married in California if they are legally emancipated from their parents, or their parents sign a legal document. Once married, they can no longer rely on their parents for support.

My boyfriend is 23 my parents think he is 18 if we go through child support will it tell his age?


Can you get emancipated in the state of California if your parents do not consent?

yes you can you just have to met requirements and prove to the judge that you can support yourself live on your own you have a leagul way to make money and know how to it be at least 14 and you dont want to live at home as well as youre parents dont mind or you can join the arm forces; get married with parents permission.

How much is child support in California?

The child support laws in the state of California are based off of a child support worksheet. The child support worksheet determines the amount of child support that should be paid, while taking into consideration the amount of income of both parents.

Is it possible for a 16 year old to move in with a family friend if they agree and will support you even without parental consent?

Not without parental consent. Until they are 18, the parents are responsible for them and decide where they live.

Can you leave home when your 16?

if you dont run away without your parents consent then no but if you have a job and could support yourself and can drive then you could.

Can you get emancipated with out parental consent?

Yes, you can get emancipated without parental consent. You cannot do it without notifying the parents. And the judge is likely to listen to their opinion about letting you go off on your own. And remember that if you are emancipated, your parents don't have to provide you with anything in the way of money or support.

If you are 15 and pregnant and your mom can't support you and your boyfriend can and you don't want to live with your dad can you move out without parental consent in the state of Texas?

No, you can't. Being pregnant does not emancipate a minor. If you leave home, your parents can file a police report and have you picked up and returned home. If Boyfriend takes you in/assist you, then he could be facing charges for doing so (possibly harboring a runaway/custodial inference/enticing a child). By the way, the age of sexual consent in TX is 17, so Boyfriend might be facing charging for that as well.

Can a pregnant 17-year-old marry the 17-year-old father of her baby if they have means of support and his parents consent but hers do not?

No. In OK, at 17 you would need the permission of your parents also. most likely yes if a judge agrees to waiver the parental consent (since you are pregnant otherwise no you would need parental consent) plus you have his parents consent witch is a very good thing! your chances are higher

Does the father have to have the mother's consent to quit paying child support?

The father has to have the court's consent to cease paying child support.

Can grandparents get child support for letting a runaway child live with them?

No. In order to be eligible to receive child support you must be the legal guardian. The parents would have to consent to the court appointment of the grandparents as legal guardians.

If you are 14 and have problems at home can you move out with your boyfriend's parents who will support you?

No. A 14-year-old does not get to decide where they live. If you leave home and your boyfriend

Can you collect child support from your ex-wife's boyfriend?

Not unless he is the father of the child. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

My son and his girlfriend just had a baby. Her parents told her she had to move out when the stepdad found out she was pregnant. They want to get married but will she need consent in Ohio.?

Yes, if she is under the age of 18. If the parents refuse to give consent, they could apply to the courts for a court order. The court might grant the consent if there is adequate evidence that they can raise the child and have the ability to support and take care of it.

How old do you have to be to move out in Kentucky if you can support yourself?

If you are under the age of 18, you cannot move out without your parents' consent. However, you could ask a court for emancipation.

What is the percentage of child support in California?

Child support california porcent

Can a 16 year old move out of her parents house and in with her 18 year old boyfriend if she is pregnant?

If you're 16 then yes, but it's not reccomended as you'll need you're parents support throughout the process and to help support you financily and with help on you're feelings.

Is the new spouse income count in the state of California to determine child support?

No, only the biological parents pay for their child.

Does the non-custodail parent have to pay child support while the child lives out of state with her boyfriend?

As long as she is a minor he has. Child support is not paid to the child but to one of the parents to be used for the child.