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If you are 18 and charged with shoplifting misdemeanor what are the possible sentencing?


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May 30, 2014 9:04PM

First, it depends on if you are convicted. Being charged means you have to appear before a judge (and in some states, a jury). If convicted, the sentences really vary from state to state, and even from judge to judge. A first offender is often shown leniency, depending on what (and how much) he or she stole. You might be given a stern warning, expected to apologize and pay restitution, and more judges are sentencing first offenders to do community service. But if you have had other charges, or if you stole a large amount of expensive items, you could end up receiving a sentence to serve jail time; although the sentence will probably be short, the county jail or the local House of Correction is not a pleasant place to spend time.