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*Do not* attempt to pacify this person by staying with him--the emotional and physical abuse will not stop or lessen if you stay with him. He will continue to use intimidation and threats to make you submit to him.

You need to leave him ASAP---break up with him over the phone or email. Tell him not to contact you and do not have any contact with him. Notify the police about this threat and any further threats. Change your phone number and only give it out to a few trusted people. Take down personal information online, make your myspace site private. Notify everyone in your circle--family, friends and coworkers-- that they are not to give out information about you or your family to this man or anyone else without your permission.

Be vigilant about your personal safety--always carry pepper spray and a cell phone. Be careful when you do go out alone; let someone know where you're going. Make note of any unusual occurrences; a strange vehicle or person following you, strangers asking you or others about personal information. Document everything from now on--any threats and contacts he makes to either you or your family. Write down the date, time and nature of the contact---this is in case you need to go to the police or an attorney in order to stop this man from harassing you.

I would strongly advise you to go to the police, as well as contacting your local domestic shelter for further advise on how to deal with this situation.

2008-01-27 20:10:07
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