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no your not going to miscarry. Pregnancy symptoms on and off happen all the time. I'm three and a half months pregnant and sometimes I get sick sometimes i don't. your o.k.

when i was 3 months pregnant, i didnt feel pregnant anymore, but i didnt think much of it. the next day i went to the doctor and found out my baby wasnt alive.

I was 3 1/2 months pregnant and felt fine, I never had morning sickness my breasts were just sensitive and sore, the first sign of miscarriage I had was very light bleeding, but I just knew. The baby's heart stopped beating, so if you feel like you aren't pregnant anymore or you need to reassurance call your doctor or advise nurse. They will be good at either re assuring you or evaluating the situation and having you come in, it beats having to worry over it. good luck.

i"m a little over 3 months pregnant and had some spotting and i called my doctor but she said it should be fine. I hope I'm not losing the baby. you can't actually tell its a baby at months can you. i don't know if i'l be able to handle seeing that.

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Q: If you are 8-9 weeks pregnant and are having on and off pregnancy symptoms could that mean you are going to miscarry?
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How do know if its symptoms of pregnancy im having or if its a symptom of stopping the Depo-Provera?

Take a pregnancy test. If it's positive, the symptoms are due to pregnancy. If not, you're not pregnant.

You have missed your period and had a positive pregnancy test but am not having pregnancy symptoms?

You don't need to have symptoms to be pregnant. Some people don't get symptoms for weeks. You're definitely pregnant. i would go to the doctor and get it checked

What do pregnancy symptoms mean if you aren't pregnant?

I want to know the same exact thing! im having all the symptoms but the pregnancy test said no?

Can you still have morning sickness even though you are told you would miscarry?

If you had a scan that told you you would miscarry, it may be that your dates are wrong or something. If you have had no bleeding and have started having symptoms of pregnancy go back to your doctor.

Could you still be pregnant even though you had your period but still having pregnancy symptoms?

yes you can,i would get a pregnancy test.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period two weeks early and now having pregnancy symptoms and cramping?

Hiya! Yes you could be pregnant. Do a pregnancy test.

Is it possible to be pregnant if your period is a week late but you have symptoms of pregnancy?

Yes you could be pregnant if you are having unprotected sex. Symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting, and breast tenderness. If you are pregnant, you could be threatening to have a misscarriage, or not pregnant and having a late period.

You have your period yet im having pregnancy symptoms?

I suggest you take a pregnancy test, but a very reliable sign of pregnancy is the lack of a period at the usual time. You can also speak with a doctor or midwife to establish why you are having these symptoms when you are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant while on birth control and having normal periods but also having pregnancy symptoms?

Very unlikely

Can you be pregnant if you have been having symptoms of pregnancy but no missed period and two negative pregnancy tests?

if you didnt miss your period your not prego

When having a miscarry do you be sick?

Your sick when your pregnant most of the time anyway, its normal to be sick when your pregnant.

Can you have symptoms of being pregnant if you are only fifteen?

If you have started having your period you need to go get a pregnancy test.

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