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I know how scary this is. I have never been pregnant, but i have had a few nasty scares. Keeping the baby is totally up to you. Your parents do have some say, but in the end the decision is up to you. Having this baby, I know you have probably heard this, lots is going to change your life forever. It is not always in a bad way, though you will get a lot of criticism from people. They do not know what it is like to be scared like this or have never been in this position before. If you can raise this baby, I think that is very admirable, but if you get an abortion that is completely understandable also. I know if it was me I would go for abortion in a heart beat. When you start to hear this critisism think about it this way, not even 100 years ago girls were decided to be of age and were having 5 children when they were twelve. As soon as you hit puberty, sex is natural no matter what anybody says. People say it isn't right to be pregnant at a young age and that these girls are stupid. On the contrary, these girls are perfectly natural and listening to their body. At fifteen though your mind may not be ready, your body is and it is healthy to support a baby. What isn't natural is waiting until you are 40. I am not promoting teen sex nor am I critisizing it, but you do what ever you feel is right. You are the one who gets to look into those babies eyes when it is born. Don't worry about your father. No matter what you decision, he will come around. If you need someone to talk to you can email me, my email is on my profile page.

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Q: If you are a pregnant 15-yr-old and the father does not want the baby should you keep it?
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