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If you are applying for a part time job but do not have a real Social Security number will the employer know if you use your relative's number if they are not using it?


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May 05, 2010 7:25PM

Yes when they put your family members social security number in the machine to check you out their name and information will come up as the person your using and what they use social security numbers for is to check your background and if they have a felony or whatever you might not get the job and you definitely won't get the job lying so why don't you go to the government center and talk to someone about getting your social security card that way you don't have to lie about it. They going to find out that it's not you so the best thing to do is just go get another social security card


Federal law now requires that employers with over 100 employees check an online database to make sure the ID, social security number and date of birth all match. If one item is different, you will no be allowed to continue to work.


The use of another person's SSN is a violation of federal law regardless of the status of the user. A U.S. citizen who uses another person's SSN to obtain employment, open a bank account, apply for credit and so forth would be just as guilty of violating SS laws as would an illegal immigrant.

Why are you trying to deprive yourself of future benefits? You want your own number against the taxes paid so that you get credit for working all those years.