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If you are attacked by a shark should you punch it in the nose?

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no way that will make it attack you again

2020-04-24 15:07:36
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Does punching a shark in the noes hurt the shark?

Punching a shark in the nose would hurt the shark, but not permanently It would only temporarily hurt the shark. Also if you got attacked by a shark, do try to punch it in the nose because it stuns the shark for a short time allowing you to get out of it's jaws or away.

What do you do when you get attacked by a bear?

Punch it in the nose and scatter

How do you scare a shark?

You can't really scare a shark. But if it bites you, you punch its nose, poke its eyes out and punch its gills. Tah Dahhh, your alive!

What to do when your in a great white attack?

Punch the great white shark on the nose.

How do you scare a shark away?

If you are in a fight with a shark and you think that the shark might kill you punch its nose and stick your fingers in its eyes

Can you pepper spray a shark?

If would be near impossible to pepper spray a shark. It is advised if one comes in contact with a shark to punch it in the nose.

How do you hit your enemy?

A nice punch in nose should do the trick.

Do the great white shark have weak spots?

Yes if your being attacked (this goes for ALL sharks) punch them in the nose/snout as HARD as you can, this puts in shock so you can swim away put it will soon get out of the shock so swim to land or your boat FAST.

Does a great white shark have a nose?

Yes, a shark has a nose.

Should you hit a shark if its bighting you?

if A shark is biting you yes hit in the nose or in the eye and it will go away

How do you escape a shark attack?

It is said that you can escape a shark attack by punching it in the gills. I'm not sure if it is true though. It is actually said that the best way to escape an attack fom a shark is that you punch it on the nose because that is its weakest spot.

If you hit shark on the nose does it faint?

If you hit it in the nose, it will probably bite you.If you hit a shark in the nose, it doesn't do anything but get it mad at you. It's a myth that if you punch it in the nose it will go away. What you want to do is poke your finger in its eyeas far back as you can, and while its eyes are adjusting again, swim away. It will come back soon, probably within an hour.

How do you get away from a shark?

if you see a shark near you, stay calm and don't thrash around. just swim as fast as possible to shallower water/the shore. if you panic and writhe around, the shark will think you're injured and therefore an easier target. if a shark comes at you, punch it in the gills, punch it in the nose, or jab it in the eyes. then swim like hell and pray to every god you can think of.

If a boy makes fun of you and another boy says you should hit him what does that mean?

you should punch him in the nose.

Where do you hit a shark?

You should never hit a shark. However, if a shark has grabbed you, people have been successful in getting the shark to let go by punching either on the nose or in the eyes.

What is the difference between a bull shark and a black tip shark?

the bull shark has a bull nose and the black tip shark has a black tip on its nose :P

How do you make someone bleed?

punch them in the nose really hard. The nose is a soft tissue so with the right amount of force they should bleed

What is the answer to a brain teaser 'with the word punch surrounded by no'?

Punch in the nose

Would you rather have a pet turtle with not nose or a pet shark with no mouth(tiny shark)?

I would have a turtle with no nose because it is still going to live. :3

Should you punch the sharks eye or their nose?

in the eyes. the eyes and gills are it's two most sensitive parts

How do humans protect from sharks?

punch it in the nose

How do you stop a shark attack?

tap the shark on its nose and stay calm

How do you repel sharks?

if you do not want to attract sharks...... * do not swim if you are waring shiny stuff * do not swim if you have a cut or open wound * do not swim at night * do not swim alone * do not swim out far * do not swim near fishermen while they are fishing plus if you do get attacked by a shark kick or punch it's nose or pull out it's eyes, those are the week spots.

What does a shark use its nose for?

It uses its nose for smelling its food and finding it.

Which animal has the big nose?

The goblin shark has a pretty big nose.