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If its a spot of blood then that's Implantation bleeding which is a sign of pregnancy . If its a light flow it just your period

If you are worried take a pregnancy test or see a doctor

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Bleeding from vagina lightly but dont know if its my period or not couse it didnt start how it normily looks and I just started doing exercises the last few days in a row could that have started it?

It may, or may not, be caused by the exercise. It most likely is not your period. If it lasts more than a few days and does not improve, please see a doctor.

How can you tell your period from just bleeding?

just bleed when I wipe

Can you have implatation bleeding 2 days after your period?

No, two days after your period you may not have even ovulated...let alone concieved and the fertilised egg travelled down the fallopian tubes to implant in the uterus. Bleeding two days after your period is likely just spotting at the end of your period, or may be ovulation spotting.

If your period is six days late and you started spotting today is it likely to be your period or implantation bleeding?

Most likely just your period. But if you are concerned, just take a pregnancy test. They are pretty accurate when used correctly. I have heard that spoting can be an implantation bleeding, if after a week you still havent got your af (period) take a pregnancy test to make sure. Happy to help Kailey It maybe Implantation bleeding don't stress cause it can cause your period to be late also your period might be late because of your age or diet. Go to the doctors or go and get a pregnancy test From Pink Princess

Is it is possible to have an implantation bleeding on ninth day of your missed period just for a day?

is it possible to have implantation bleeding on ninth day of your missed period

Why i am bleeding one week after my last period?

There are many reasons why you could be bleeding one week after your last period. You could just be spotting.

What does it mean when you're bleeding lightly a week after your period?

If you recently had sex then probably. But chances are low after your period. Usually your chances are high 2 weeks after your period that's when you ovulate. Maybe you just thought you finished your period and really didn't? Maybe there's something wrong with your body and need to seek medical attention

Your dog is sick it has lumps on its belly it is a female she is bleeding out of her female parts?

If she has never been spayed (fixed) she is most likely just menstruating (having a period). It is normal. But if she has been spayed and is bleeding, you should call a vet.

If your period is four days early and ends in three days is that implantation bleeding?

It is possible but implantation bleeding is usually just spotting on one day rather than period like bleeding.

How do you know whether its a implantation bleeding or normal period bleeding?

It is little bit confusing ...period bleed wil be heavy,implantation just makes spot ,

Why do i have Vaginal Bleeding with clear mucus when you wipe on an off what can cause this?

This is likely just a period. However, if you are pregnant, it could be the loss of the mucous plug. It is best to call your doctor.

Why are you spotting when you just had your period 2 weeks ago?

implantation bleeding

Had implanon out 4 days ago and started light brown couler period can you be pregnant?

You might be pregnant, but it's not likely. More likely, you are just experiencing uterine bleeding as a result of the hormones getting out of your body.

Can you still be pregnant if you get your period a week earlier?

not likely. some women mistake implantation bleeding as their period. if it was like a previous period, then it probably just came early; but if it was light spotting I'd recommend seeing your doctor for a blood pregnancy test.

What is wrong when your period is over but you still bleed?

Your period is defined by the period of time that you are bleeding whether you are cramping or not. If you are still bleeding then your period is not over. However, if you continue bleeding for a prolonged period of time, say for more than a week, you might consider seeing your doctor just to make sure everything is okay.

What is the difference between implantation bleeding and Period bleeding?

implanation bleeding is a lot lighter, than you regular period, and usually has little to no clotting, the bleeding will be shorter and will be a pinkier or a brownish color, but if you are stressed out about pregnancy you could be having your period and it might just be screwed up or something, so i would take a test if i was you

Bleeding before period due date are you pregnant?

you could just be early.

If i spoted for few spots can this be implantation bleeding?

It may be possible. If that bleeding is a small amount and light red or brownish in colour, then it's most likely implantation.Congratulations!! Answer yes or just old blood from period or blood from having rough sex really.

Implantation bleeding or 4 days early for period?

This could definetly be implantation bleeding if unprotected sex has taking place 10 -14 days before. Implantation bleeding should be much different to a period its alot lighter and only lasts a few hours. If its just like a normal period clotty and dark red then its likely to be an early period expecially if your periods are irregular, if your still in doubt do a home pregnancy test two days after your period would have been due you shoud get an accurate result.

Does spotting look like your period?

its much lighter bleeding than your period, but also could just be your period starting out slow. Take a pregnancy test just to be sure!

What if you get Implantation bleeding but get a period which came early 2 weeks after you got implantation bleeding?

If you get your period I do not believe it could have been implantation bleeding. You cannot get a period when you are pregnant. Any bleeding that you could have gotten would be implantation bleeding, which isn't very common, and you would not have gotten your period afterwards. No the above answer is wrong. You CAN get your period when you are pregnant. Not just once but every month. A woman in Canada just gave birth and didn't even know she was pregnant because she had a regular period every month, had no pregnancy symptoms and because she is a larger woman, could not see her stomach grow. Therefore, YES you CAN get pregnant and still have a period.

Am in your period but am not bleeding as usual it just comes out brown?

This is old blood,or the very begining of your period. If it continues you should call the doctor just to be safe

Can you get your period after conceiving?

You don't get your period but some women do have bleeding. There can be many causes from implantation bleeding, subchorionic hemorrhage, loss of a fetus, placental abruption are just a few. Any bleeding during pregnancy should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

Do a NuvaRing stop your period if it just came on?

NuvaRing may or may not stop your period if you insert it on the first day of bleeding.

Do you get your period when you take birth control needle?

No. You still have periods, it is just a lighter bleeding.