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you could possibly get into some trouble even after so if you were told not to see someone don't go see them by making contact you maybe incriminating yourself and you might end up in jail again for being in this person presence so just steer clear of this person.

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Q: If you are court ordered not to see someone while you are on probation and then you are told by your PO you are off do you have to receive the release paperwork in the mail before making contact?
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Can a person on felony probation get permission to leave the state?

It depends on what state you are in as well as the conditions of your probation. When you are put on probation you will receive paperwork stating the conditions. It varies what state are you in and what are the charges?

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You can get probation for any felony

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If you were charged with a misdemeanor and receive probation but get a speeding ticket while on probation and decide to go sit out the ticket in jail can they revoke your probation?

they will b cause i am on probation and i violaed 2 times and it deepens on ur po

Can a person on parole receive felony probation on separate charge?


How often will you receive random drug tests on probation?

usually once a month

What is a finding of probation violation commitment?

The conditions of a convicted person's probation are clearly set forth in the documents they receive at the time they are placed on probation. A violation of ANY of those prohibitions constitutes a Violation of Probation (VOP) for which the probation can be revoked and, at the option of the judge, the subject can be remanded to jail to serve the remainder of their sentence.

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What will happen if someone violated 3 years probation?

when you violate your probation one of 3 things can happen 1. reeive a jail sentence 2 . receive prison sentence equal to your term of probation 3. or revoke your current probation and and start your probation over again. again it depends on what your circum stances are.

What happens if are on unsupervised probation and receive DUI?

Most probation have a condition that you not be charged with additional crimes for the duration of your probation. It is possible, if your crimes are unrelated in nature, that it may not be a violation, but it seems likely that DUI is a violation of common probation terms. Even though you are unsupervised, it's not as if they won't check on your record periodically.

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Yes, probation is a form of punishment, it doesn't preclude it from being listed on your record. Chances are that you will have this on record for a while.

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How much jail time for child endangerment?

how much jail time or probation can a person receive for child endangerment

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How much jail time can you receive if you violate your probation in the state of Virginia?

Probation is given instead of a specific amount of jail or prison time. Violate the parole and you will serve the initial sentence in jail or prison.