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If you are five feet six inches and weigh ninety pounds am you considered anorexic?

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Yes, your weight would put you in the 'dangerously underweight' category (if you didn't have a heart attack first), but unless you actually had the psychological symptoms of anorexia you would not be classified (you would, however, be sent directly to a hospital.)

You shouldn't aim for this, anorexia is not a lifestyle, it is not a fashion statement, it is not a 'new fun diet', it is a serious and dangerous psychological disorder that kills (around 20% of anorexics die as a direct result of the disorder).

If you are this underweight, go and sign yourself into the nearest hospital and get help. If you are just another silly teenager wanting to look like a model, don't.

Anorexia ruined my life and will ruin yours too if you let it.

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Is ninety-five pounds an average weight for a girl that is four foot eleven inches?

yes i am 4 foot 10 inches and 81 pounds

Scary skinny do you have a disease?

Anorexia is not plain looks. To be anorexic is to not be in control of your own actions towards food. You restrict and do not care what it does to you, because all you care about is control and not gettting fat. If you are like that, and 25 pounds underweight, then you are considered anorexic. If you are just 25 pounds underweight, you are unhealthy, but not anorexic or diseased.

If you weigh ninety two pounds and are five foot four inches tall are you fat?

no that's average

Ninety-six ounces is equal to how many pounds?

96 ounces = 6 pounds

Is 265 pounds considered overweight for man 6 foot 1 inches?

That is considered OBESE

If you are 19 years old 5 foot 2 inches and weigh 96 pounds does that mean you are anorexic?

You need to clarify a couple of things - "Anorexic" means you don't like to or don't eat... period... Proper nutrition and avoiding malnutrition is your primary concern. You can anser the anorexic quiestion yourself - Do you eat, do you have an urge not to eat?

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Is an 11 year old considered fat if she is 4 feet and 8 inches and weighs 91 pounds?

Is an 11 year old considered fat if she is 4 feet and 8 inches and weighs 91 pounds?

How do you write 17097.83 pounds in words?

Seventeen thousand, and ninety-seven point eight three pounds if it is pounds weight. Seventeen thousand, and ninety-seven pounds eighty-three pence if it is UK pounds money.

Ninety six oz equals how many pounds?

ninety-six ounces is 6 pounds, or ninety, six ounce weights would weigh 540 ounces or 33.75 lbs. brewski

Can fat people be anorexic I am 13 5 2' and 170 pounds...?

They can be bulimic but not anorexic. Actually, a person can certainly be mentally anorexic regardless of their weight. I believe that weight or BMI should not be so important when diagnosing anorexia. Anyone can be psychologically anorexic.

How much is 39.99 in pounds?

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How many pounds is ninety eight ounces?

98 oz = 6.125 pounds.

Is 240 pounds considered overweight for a man 6 foot 4 inches?

yes you pig

How do you play ninety nine pounds on guitar?

if you want to play ninety nine pounds on guitar you have to study guitar. You must to understand about guitar and you love the guitar.

Are you anorexic if your seventeen Five two and about ninety eight pounds and lost seventeen in the past 2 months you eat around 400 calories a day but you feel so disgusting if you have any more?

Yep, that would certainly qualify. Seek counselling.

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How much is ninety six pounds in kilo grams?

96 pounds = 43.54 kilograms.

How much would you weigh on Neptune's if you weigh ninety pounds on earth?

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How much would you weigh on Venus if you weigh ninety-one pounds on Earth?

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How old is a 13 year old supposed to way?

about ninety pounds? HOW IS IT NINETY POUNDS! unless your short, its around 100-110 or somethin. Or if ur tall its more.

Are you considered overweight if you are 5' 7 and weight 139 pounds?

A person who is 5 feet 7 inches tall with a weight of 139 pounds has a BMI of 21.8. This is considered to be Normal Weight with overweight not coming until 160 pounds.

What should you do if you are ninety-eight pounds when you should be eighty-eighty pounds?

Put on 62 pounds.

How much should a woman weigh at 5 feet 4 inches tall?

According to the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a healthy body weight for people 5 feet 4 inches inches tall is between 110 and 140 pounds. Those weighing in at 145 to 169 pounds are considered overweight, while those individuals who weigh 174 or more pounds are considered obese.

You are 18 years old 5'6'' 110 pounds you have three months off in the summer and you want to lose your belly fat what should you do?

If your 5'6 and 110 pounds, you are actually considered to be underweight, border line anorexic. My advice to you is to GAIN weight.