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Ask him to engage in an activity that will just involve the two of you, go see a movie for example.

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How can you know the girl in your class is interested in you you talked her 2 or 3 times not alone but you talked to her in class when all class were talkin to her?

no one

What does it mean when you dream about a boy you like but never talked to?

It means you are interested in him but have never had chance to talk to himIf you have never talked to him, TALK TO HIM ASAP

What kind of guy is actress Ryan Newman interested in?

We don't really know what kind of guy she is interested in since she hasn't talked about that before.

What do you do if a guy who you turned down a date for hasn't talked to you in over a year?

move on and find someone else he isn't interested in you if he wasnt talked to you for over a year

How do you talk 2 a guy you never talked to?

find a topic that you guys both can realate to dont be afraid be friends be a little shy to show your interested and then u can ask him out or he can just keep talking to him(: - weezy

How can you franchise a pao tsin?

I talked to the service crew of the Pao Tsin stall in SM Hypermart at the Block and was informed that they are not open for franchising.

What if before you and this guy met you talked through email a lot and then after you met he never talked to you again and stopped emailing you?

Means he's not interested but doesn't have the balls to tell you himself.

If a girl says that she doesnt wants to talk to me the first time i talked to her what does it mean?

it means she's not interested

What if a guy talked to you to go to his concert and then never talked to you afterwardswhat does that mean?

He is either really shy or is not interested. Try talking to him sometime and see if you can figure out is he's interested or not. Sometimes guys can be shy too and just don't have the guts to talk to you. He might have also got the wrong idea about you, like thinking that you're not interested, even if that's not the case.

What fictional detective talked about the little gray cells?

Hercule Poirot

There was once a man who's father had died On the funeral he met a woman he talked to and became interested in?

This isn't a riddle

How can you tell if a guy you have never talked to before likes you?

Talking to him is a good start, of course. If he doesn't act interested, then.. well, he's not interested. Guys are straightforward like that, most times.

Did the president talk about the military during his state of the union address?

Yes I think that he talked about militarytraining, and about gays in the military as well. He also talked about a scholarship with people interested in the military. Another thing that he talked about related to the military is ways to try and stop the war in Afghanistan.

Girl has shown interest in a guy halfway in the year she was a little weird during the closing year but he says 1 day she says whats up he hasnt talked to her in summer and is she still interested?

There isn't but one way to find out...and that is to show interest in her.

If guys don't call is it because their not interested?

How long has he not talked to you? If it is more than a week, well ... HE IS NOT INTERESTED! there is about a 1 in 100 chance of him still interested after not talking to you in a week (unless he is sick or out of town or something) . Try calling him again and leave a message that you need to talk to him. He will probably answer quicker, and then ask him if he is interested.

How do you approach a girl you have not talked for a long time?

Just say hi, its been awhile how have you been - and then from there you will be able to tell if she would be interested in talking with your or not.

Give you 5 example of sentence using the word little?

- He was a little man, nobody paid attention to him. - When she was little, she used to climb on trees. - She will see him in a little while. - She talked little about her previous job. - He has a nice little job.

How do you spell talked in Spanish?

From the verb hablar. The preterit form is hablé (I talked), hablaste (you talked - informal), habló (he/she/you formal talked), hablamos (we talked), hablastais (you all, informal talked)hablaron (they talked)

What is Hermione Granger's favourite broom?

Hermione Granger hates flying. She is not interested and only really knew the name of brooms because Harry and Ron talked about them, it's unlikely she had a favourite broom.

If a guy you barely know comes up to you and leans in and says he likes your hair cut and tells you it's cute is he just being nice or is he interested?

Hes interested especially if he leaned in and made eye contact and actually talked to you

Why does television make children lazy?

Children usually watch television because they are interested in the program or tv shows. They don't want to be disturbed ot talked to because they are interested in what they are watching so they will not do their more important tasks to do instead.

Did Ian have anything to do with Alison's death in Pretty Little Liars?

No. He just talked to "Ali" before she was murdered

What was the movie that had a little boy who ventures in a space space ship was like an eye that talked?

Flight of the Navigator

Why Alison's friends on Pretty Little Liars don't know about her twin?

Alison never talked about her twin

What textbook was Emily looking for while Spencer talked about Toby on Pretty Little Liars?

chemistry textbook

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