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Ask your doctor because any Birth Control that has the word 'tri' in it usually has different doses every week and my understanding is that they are not good for skipping the reminder/sugar pills.

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Q: If you are on Othro tricyclen lo and want to skip your period this month what do you need to do?
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Is it safe to conceive in a month that you do not have a period?

It is safe, but if you aren't having your period there may be other possiblities. You may need to go see the doctor to get your period going again. And if you didn't have your period this month, you may not ovulate this month.

What does it mean to have your period for a month?

It means you r having trouble and need to tell someone about it

You have been on your period for a month and a half and it is very heavy with blood clots?

If you've had your period for 6 weeks you need to see a doctor.

Is it normal to have your period for a month while on birth control?

No, you may need to get a different type of pill. Go see your doctor, they will choose a better pill for you. Yes. The first entire month I started taking birth control I had my period everyday. It was very light however and after that first month my period went back to normal.

How months are you pregnant if you mis your period for a month?

You need to confirm the pregnancy first and a ultrasound will date your pregnnacy.

Why do you have a period every month?

When your pregnant that blood that you give out once a month is for the baby but when your not pregnant that extra blood your body doesn't need just leaves your body.

What to do you have lack of menstrual flow?

Everybodys period is different and changed regulary. There is no need to worry if ur period is light or if you even miss one (unless youve had sex) our body doesnt NEED to have a period every month. Its normal for it to change

If your period is shorter than normal could it mean you are pregnant?

It depends how many days short your period last, say if your period last 5 to 7 days like normal, and it last 2 or 3 days than you may be pregnant, but it can also be stress and your period can also change every month, if your period was heavy last month it might not be as much the next month and you may not cramp as bad, but if you miss your period for about a month, or its late ,and if you spotting ,and your nipples are sore you are pregnant, you would need to get a pregnancy test. Sometimes you may not have symptoms but most likely you will around the first month.

What should you do if your girlfriend has her period every month but when she visited doctor he said she is pregnant?

Then you need to support her in her time of need. He's your baby after all!

What could be a reason why im a month late for your period but have period like cramps on and off?

You could be pregnant. Hello - This could be pregnancy related. You need to do a test.

Will not taking the sugar pills stop you from getting your period?

I want to stop my period going on vacation what can i do i have a month to go and i need to get on something now help getting married and i need to enjoy my wedding day

Does weight loss delay menstruation?

Yes, it does. If you don't get your period next month, you need to go and speak to your doctor

How often can the IRS levy the same checking account in a 6 month period?

As many times as they want or need.

How does a current employee get a check stub printed out?

I need a check stub from the 27th of last month pay period.

What does it mean if your period been on since the 3rd of the month heavy and its still on as the month goes out heavy Is that a sign of having a baby?

No it's not. I think you need to see a doctor, this is not normal.

If you have two periods in one month could you be pregnant?

No. just 1 period in a month means your not so two means 1: NO 2: you may have an infection you need cheeked out.

Can you still be pregnant if you had your period but now you have not had it this month and the pergnancy test are negative?

you need to do to the doctor and get that checked out its problably a std girlfriend

If I started taking the pill approx 1 week before my period was to start and I haven't got my period for about a month and a half could I be pregnant or does my body need to adjust?

Hi, Sometimes it takes one cycle (one month) for your body to adjust to the pill and then you will have your period. But perform a pregnancy test to be certain.

If you missed your period one month then come on the next and still be pregnant?

If you missed a period, had a positive test and saw the doctor to confirm pregnancy but now you are bleeding - you need to see your doctor.

What if you have your period twice a month?

If you are experiencing your period every two weeks, it could indicate some very serious problems. You need to make an appointment to see your gynecologist as soon as you can to get it checked out.

You are on birth control but why are you having your period twice a month?

Chech with your doctor you may need to change the type of birth controtl you are using.

My normal mensus period is on every month of 10th.but now this month i didnt get the mensus.i was very careful when we do i need the reason for not getting the mensus?

stress, illness, or (sorry) pregnancy....happened to me

Is it normal to have your period two different times in one month?

No that isn't normal. You need to see your doctor to rule out pregnancy and other problems.However, It depends on when you had it and how long the month is. For example, If you have the first one during the first week of the month and it was a month that had 30 or 31 days, it is possible for your period to start in the last days of the month. However, if they came like a week or two weeks apart, then by all means see your doctor.

Ive had your period but now im having again what does this mean?

You need to have your period every month from when you start it, unless, for example, you went on a family trip that you were really excited about it, then it would be delayed. You have it every day for up to 4-5 days. But if you were to miss your period one month you would have to go see a doctor. I don't know what to do about that.

Have period twice in one month and took pills?

talk to your dr. maybe you need to be put on a birth control pill that has higher estrogen.