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If I understand your saying the car is paid for, and you have other debts you are afraid will get judgments against you and then go to seize your car:

Generally, States prohibit the seizing of reasonable unsecured personal items used for essential life needs...household goods, furntiture, and a needed vehicle (presumably not an extravegent one) for example. Being able to establish that it is needed for your medical care, etc. would help.

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What happens to unpaid expired credit card?

Only the card expires, not the line of credit it is attached to. So interest will still accrue on the unpaid debt.

Report an unpaid bill to credit bureau?

How do I report an unpaid bill to a credit bureau?

Can a law firm garnish disability checks for unpaid credit card debt?

No they cannot, and if they say they can they are lying. Tell them to leave you alone or you will call the better business bureau on them. Now, they can put a slam on your credit.

How long do unpaid traffic tickets stay on a credit report?

Unpaid traffic tickets are not reported to the credit bureaus.

Can unpaid tuition hurt your credit?


How can a co-signer file bankruptcy on an unpaid vehicle without interfering the credit of the primary signer?

By listing the creditor on the bankruptcy schedules.

Is a credit balance an unpaid balance owed?

a "credit balance" is money that you have.

Is a credit balance in a vendor subsidiary account an unpaid balance owed?

Is a credit balance in a vendor subsidiary account an unpaid balance owed?

How bad is my credit due to unpaid credit cards?

You credit score will decrease significantly if you do not pay your minimum credit card payment every month. Unpaid cards will be reported as delinquent and really destroy your score.

How to get an unpaid colletion item of your credit?

Pay it.

Can an unpaid balance on auto insurance effect your credit?

Unpaid balances owed to insurance companies will be sent to collection agencies and will count against your credit.

What happens to my credit if I voluntarily give my car back to the bank?

Even if surrendering a vehicle is voluntary, you will still be responsible for the amount owed on the loan after the sale of the vehicle. Most lenders report to the credit bureaus and any unpaid balance will be reported, as will payments made or missed on this balance.

Can an unpaid medical bill affect your credit?


Can you sue for unpaid credit card?

y bro

Unpaid credit card bill in the Philippines can affect your police record or nbi records?

unpaid credit card bill in the phils. can affect your police clearance and nbi?

Can unpaid medical bills be reported on credit reports?

Yes, unpaid medical bills will be reported to credit bureaus not to mention the collection agency that the medical facility will pursue.

Is any credit balance in a vendor subsidiary account an unpaid balance owed?

Any credit balance in a vendor subsidiary account ia an unpaid balance owed?

What is the journal entry to record unpaid bonuses to officers?

debit bonus expensecredit unpaid bonus payable

If a medical bill is unpaid will it affect your personal credit?

An unpaid medical bill is like any other debt. It can be reported to a credit agency like any other debt.

How long do unpaid medical bills stay on your credit report?

Like other late payments reported to a credit reporting agency, an unpaid medical bill may stay on a credit report for up to seven years.

Can you repo a car in the state of Texas for unpaid vehicle repairs?

You can take possession of it for an unpaid mechanic's lien, yes.

Can unpaid bank credit cards in Dubai get you arrested in QATAR?


Is it possible to go outside the country even if you have an unpaid credit card account?

Unpaid credit cards won't effect your ability to travel. If left unpaid, they will be charged off and likely assigned or sold to a collections agency. The collections agency will continue to attempt collections, and your credit will be impacted negatively for seven years.

Is Commercial Credit Insurance casualty insurance?

Credit insurance is a type of life insurance policy purchased by a borrower that pays off one or more existing debts in the event of a death, disability, or in rare cases, unemployment. Credit insurance is marketed most often as a credit card feature, with the monthly cost charging a low percentage of the card's unpaid balance.

How many points are taken off your credit for an unpaid account?

You can expect at least 10-15 point off of your credit score with an unpaid account. Remember the older the account the less it will affect you.

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