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If you are on one type of birth control for two years does your body become immune?


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No. I was on the same birth control for years.


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I know that after taking the Depo Provera birth control shot for more than two years it may be hard to become pregnant for the following years after that. As for regular birth control pills, I've never heard of these causing infirtility whatsoever.

Yes. Birth control is not 100% effective.

You can stay on birth control for as long as you want. I

If you are using your birth control as directed, there should be a very small chance of getting pregnant. I'm not sure if the length of time you've been on birth control matters, but if you are inconsistent when it comes to taking/using it, the likelihood of getting pregnant increases at least a little. It really depends on your form of birth control.

Take birth control pills for as long as you don't want to get pregnant.

A tubal ligation is a highly effective method of preventing pregnancy. Birth control pills prevent, but don't help, a woman to get pregnant. Combining tubal ligation and birth control pills is not an effective way to get pregnant.

35 years ago was smack in the middle of the 1970's, the sexual revolution had been in full swing for over a decade and woman had access to Birth Control Pills for years. Pills, diaphragms, condoms and IUDs were readily available as birth control.

That is its intended use. However, it is not one of the most effective methods of birth control. Statistically, if a woman relies solely on the use of spermicides for a period of 6 years, she will almost certainly become pregnant at least once in that time.

Because alot of bacteria have become immune to it over the years.

No, you can take birth control for as long as you'd like to avoid pregnant.

depends what country you live in.. where i am from you must be 16 years of age to get birth control without a parent, if you have a parent with you they should give you the birth control pill any time after you have had your first period

I was taking birth control for 4 years, and I went off of it in September and was pregnant by February.

i have for a while felt really bloted and gained over the 5 years probbobly 5 to 8 pounds not sure if it was from birth control. I always watch what I eat and am pretty active.

yes I've read about people getting pregnant when been on birth control for longer, but it may also depend on your age.. your less likely to conceive in your later 30's rather to your 20's

Once you stop taking the birth control pills you are able to become pregnant.

No; the birth control pill wasn't invented and available during Margaret Sanger's reproductive years.

The Thirty Years War become a battle over control of territory and wealth.

No. I took them 20 years and have had no problems.

No Lamictal does not affect birth control. I take Lamictal for epilepsy and have been on birth control for 6 years. However, I was on the depo shot and was told this wasn't going to be a problem, pill form, could be different.

Well, why does a 14 year old need to take birth control pills? 14 years old is too young to have sex in the first place.

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