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It is hard to say because you are so young and many changes will come. For the baby especially, i would try to keep him in your life. I met my boyfriend my freshman year in high school and we are in college now and going strong, your road probably won't be broad and easy but I'm glad i was able to take some curves and turns and be where i am today. ;)

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 21:44:47
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Q: If you are only 16 and pregnant but in a steady relationship should you follow your heart and keep the baby?
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What does going steady in relationship means?


What is a relationship characterized by a constant rate?


How fast does a relationship need to go?

This depends upon how comfortable the two are in the relationship, their past (e.g. how long have they been friends before the relationship started), and what the relationship means to them.

When is a relationship between a man and women considered steady?

its steady when you guys really know each other

What is steady relationship?

In my opinion a steady relationship is one where both parties have agreed to see each other exclusively and they are both seriously committed to the relationship, to making it work and both are working toward the same goals in the future.

Why are follow rest and steady test used lathe?

At the time of turning long bars the follow rest and steady rest are used. Follow rest is used near to the tool at the back side of the job ie bar and it moves along with the tool such that it gives support to the job so that the job does not get deflected due to the tool preacher. Steady rest is used to give support to the job in the middle or at a end so that the job should not get bend.

What does it mean to go steady with someone?

To "go out with" or to date. To be in a relationship.

What is goin steady?

Dating. Being in an exclusive relationship with someone.

What did going steady mean in the 1950's60's?

Going steady was a relationship status. It meant committing only to each other in a relationship, and not dating other people.

What is a synonym for move on in a relationship?

date regularly; have a steady relationship with. Synonyms: date, take in, figure, go out, look, reckon, examine, go through, find, view, go steady, get word, meet,

You and a girl both like each other how long should you date before starting an official relationship and also the girl is 2 hours away but you see her frequiently?

Each couple is different. Some meet and date once or twice and start going steady while others may see each other off and on or have many dates before going steady. This is something you are going to have to discuss with her. That's the first lesson in a good relationship .... communication with your mate. Follow your heart == ==

Why should pregnant women get massages?

It relaxes you and the baby and keeps the heart rate at a normal pace nice and steady. It also of course relaxes the mussles and it is not good to stress when you are pregnant so it helps a lot but pregnancy yoga classes I think are one of the best things for pregnant women.

In Grease why did Danny give Sandy his ring?

It means they are going steady or in an exclusive relationship

What does the relationship going steady mean?

This is an old fashioned term for long term dating.

What does it mean when he says he's in for the long haul?

He's reasd for a steady, long relationship

Is being in a committed relationship the same as going steady?

i would say yes, if you are seeing each other on a somewhat constant schedule then you are "going steady" I would agree, just add that 'going steady' was an oldies term, so it means the same thing as 'going out' would today. And that's considered a commited relationship.

How long should you be dating before going steady?

don't worry about it. you can't really plan on a relationship getting serious. just date around and have fun. if you find someone you want to have a serious relationship with, you'll know, and it will just happen

What did migrants do to maintain a steady income?

In an attempt to maintain a steady income, workers had to follow the harvest around the state. When potatoes were ready to be picked, the migrants needed to be where the potatoes were.

What grade is good for a steady relationship?

Grade seven is usually good for a steady relationship. I'm in sixth grade and my first boyfriend asked me out but then dumped me a few days after because the whole grade found out. Fifth no sixth maybe seventh definitely.

Steady winds that follow the same paths most of tnhe time can cause?

surface currents

What is the advantage of not having a steady boyfriend?

it helps u figure out what u want in a future relationship

Is Anthony kiedis gay?

he is bisexual, and once had a steady relationship with Thomas Lowell, a chef from California.

Did Sarah Jane smith fall in with love the doctor?

yes deaply in love with him but then they had a steady relationship after

How do you go steady on SIMS 3?

Keep flirting the the sim and eventually in the romantic interactions the go steady should be there

How ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

You can always try asking her out, if the date goes well and your relationship goes steady, then shes ur gf. There are numerous ways to get her to be ur gf and you should pick one depending on ur relationship so far, what her personality is, etc.