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If it's an Individual Plan, I doubt that you will find any company to take you. Here's underwriting disclosure for CA If it's a group plan, yes you're covered. It's the law.

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Can you change homeowners insurance companies if you have a claim with the old company for hidden dry rot?

You can change insurance companies at any time you want to. Dry rot is not covered under any homeowners insurance policy and will not be covered by any other company that you change to. When the company finds that you are filing claims for such items and are mad because it wasn't covered the new application may be rejected as well by the new company. Dry rot is a maintenance issue and not the result of a covered cause under home insurance. To be covered by home insurance it must be the result of a covered cause which generally means it must be sudden and accidental.

Why do insurance companies charge for change of address?

The insurance companies should not have charged for change of address, which is part of their rendering service to the customers. In India, the insurance companies do not charge anything for the above service, though I am not aware if US insurance companies are charging for this trifle job or not !

Can you change car insurance companies while a claim is still being settled?

Yes. You can change at any time. The insurance company cannot deny the claim because you changed companies.

If you change insurance companies after an accident does the prior insurance company still have to handle the claim?


What does the average insurance company cover for in home care for the elderly?

Different insurance companies cover differently. You have to call your insurance company to see what they cover specially. You could change insurance companies also.

Can you cancel you home insurance and get new insurance even if you have only just purchased your house?

Yes, you can change insurance companies anytime you want.

What could be a result in receiving a discount on your insurance premium?

A. You pay less money for insurance coverage B. You are less likely to change insurance companies

How does open enrollment health insurance work?

Health insurance open enrollment is typically offered by companies for 1 to 2 months out of a year as a way for many companies to allow employees to easily change their insurance coverage.

How to change beneficiary on my life insurance policy?

In case you are not aware, You can nominate more than one person for your life insurance policy. But it is not advisable as at the time of claim, payouts can happen only on 1 name & in such scenario, insurance companies ask for NOC from other nominee. You can change your beneficiary/ nominee by just completing the formalities of the insurance companies, in most of the companies it is a single pager form.

Should you change insurance companies before refinancing home?

One has nothing to do with another.

Will a road toll violation affect my car insurance?

Generally not. Most companies do not change your insurance rate for non-driving violations.

Can you change home insurance companies when a claim has not been dealt with?

You can change insurance companies any time you want. However, the insurance company you have on the date of the loss is the only company which you can seek payment from for the damage. If you are having problems getting your company to address your claim speak with an attorney or a public adjuster.

Does a ticket for not wearing your seat belt raise your insurance?

Not usually. Keep in mind that insurance companies only check your mvr when you give them a reason such as filling a collision claim or when you are trying to change companies.

Can you change auto insurance companies in the middle of your policy dates?

You can always change insurance companies in the middle of your policy date. Doing so will also result in a refund of the reminder of your policy premium since many are paid in a pro-rated way.

How many chiropractors does it take to change a light bulb?

It only takes one chiropractor to change a lightbulb, but it takes nine visits. And it's not covered by your insurance.

Which insurance companies offer 6 month policies?

AnswerMost insurance companies offer them. However, there is no real advantage to them over the 12 month policy as you are able to change insurance policies at any time during the 12 month policy period, if you find a better rate.

Are you covered with insurance when you buy a car?

If you all ready have insurance on a car you sold or traded in all you have to do is contact your insurance company . Depending on the new car, your age, and driving record the cost will change for the insurance. If you don't have insurance at all you are required to get insurance within a timeframe set by law and by the lender.

Is Blue Cross having to change their policies because of the Health plan Congress passed?

"Yes, all insurance companies are having to conform to the new Health care plan. Although companies are changing policies (like not allowing caps on insurance), the insurance companies are beginning to charge more for premiums to make up for the higher costs."

Where can great rates on insurance for travel be found?

You will need to look on comparison websites to find out which companies are offering the best rates for travel insurance. These can change from day to day.

Can you change home warranty companies I have been in my house for a year and the current insurance is way too expensive?

Of course you can. I get about 50 offers a year from home warranty companies.

If you are a 39-year-old working woman who's pregnant what kind of insurance is recommended?

You may want to check on your search engine for health insurance for pregnant women. There is no individual or group insurance that will take you now, but I have seen some banners and pop ups for this type of insurance. I don't know what type it is or what it costs, but it can't hurt to check them out.Most group insurance companies do not consider pregnancy a pre-exsisting condition. If you are unable to sign up with your employers health insurance you could either wait until open enrollment, or you could apply for medicaid.: If a GROUP PLAN has maternity coverage, you will be covered."Federal law bars group health insurance plans that cover maternity from considering pregnancy a pre-existing condition. This means that if you change group health plans while you're pregnant, your new group health insurer (as long as it covers maternity) can't deny claims related to your pregnancy."

If your spouse who is not the primary insurance carrier makes a change over the phone is there a waiting period before it goes into effect?

Not usually. The majority of insurance companies accept the change valid at the time of the request. Even if it changes the premium amount.

What company sells the cheapest travel insurance?

World Nomads Insurance seems to be one of the cheapiest companies for travel insurance. Square mouth also has reasonable rates. But be sure to compare for yourself as rates are subject to change.

If pregnant and change insurance which covers?

AnswerAs always it depends on the policy. Most of the time everything is covered by the policy that you're on on the day you deliver.Labs and ultrasounds generally fall on whichever policy was in effect on the date of service.Occasionally some policies won't cover prenatal visits prior to coverage. The old insurance usually has no problem paying in those situations.

Which companies would be recommended for healthcare insurance policies?

AXA and Aviva both have popular health insurance companies. The policies do change with some rapidity however, so it is wise to compare a broad range at the time of buying. Sites like gocompare and moneyexpert can help with this.