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Ice Cream

If you are pregnant can you still eat ice cream?

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of course

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If you are pregnant can you eat ice cream?

Yes but you should stay away from soft ice cream because of bacteria

Can you eat ice cream if pregnant?

maybe ask a doctor

How will you changes a statement with a main verb into a question?

He eats ice cream - Does he eat ice cream? He ate the ice cream - Did he eat the ice cream? He is eating the ice cream - Is he eating the ice cream? He was eating ice cream - Was he eating ice cream? They have eaten the ice cream - Have they eaten the ice cream? He has eaten the ice cream - Has he eaten the ice cream? He had eaten the ice cream - Had he eaten the ice cream? He had been eating ice cream - Had he been eating ice cream? He will eat ice cream to morrow - Will he eat ice ream tomorrow? He is going to eat ice cream tomorrow - Is he going to eat ice cream tomorrow?

What ice creams r good to eat while pregnant?

i think your fav ice cream

Is it safe to eat cream cake whilst pregnant?

it is okay to eat ice cream during pregnancy just dont overdue it

Is it ok for pregnant women to eat homemade ice cream?

Yes it is ok.

Can you eat ice cream cake during pregnant?

Ice cream cake is generally a safe food to eat while pregnant. It does not contain any particularly dangerous foods. If you are concerned ask your doctor if there is any risk.

Why ants do not eat ice cream?

Ants don't eat ice cream only when it's still frozen because it's to cold for them. Once it melts ants will eat it.

Do elephants eat ice cream?

Elephants can eat ice cream, everyone can.

Do pirates eat ice cream?

no pirates did not eat ice cream

Is it okay to eat chocolate ice cream while pregnant?

Yes, but you can't have coffee

Can you eat ice cream after eating fish?

You can eat ice cream after eating fish if you want to. You don't have to, but you can if you want to.

Is melted ice cream safe to eat?

only if it is still cold

What types of ice cream can hamsters eat?

Vanilla ice cream is the only ice cream they can eat. Sorry that there are no more ice creams!

Is strawberry ice cream good to eat while pregnant?

Whether or not strawberry ice cream is good to eat while pregnant is up to the pregnant woman. If she craves it, it's likely that she needs the calories, the calcium, or another nutrient in the desert. If she is concerned about eating it she should ask her doctor.

Is it safe to eat whipped ice cream while pregnant?

iv been told its acturly good to eat ice cream while being pregnant it has a lot of calciam init it realy is basicaly frozen milk they use milk to make ice cream so it shud be fine its ment to be good for the babys growth

How do you write after in a sentence?

Here's an example: After the football game, I went out for ice cream. Even after I went for ice cream, I was still hungry, so after going to eat ice cream I went to McDonald's.

What is an example of alliteration of eat a ice cream?

Igniting Ice cream Engaging Ice cream

Do Muslims eat ice cream?

Muslims can eat ice cream, but not when they're fasting :)

How old do you have to be to eat an ice cream?

You are about 1 year in a half to eat a ice cream

Can you eat ice cream when taking augmentin?

can you eat ice cream and take augmentin

How fast can you eat your ice cream?

I think that i can eat ice cream very fast

Do polar bears eat ice cream?

Polar Bears do not eat ice cream

Can you still eat ice cream if it has some frost bite on it?

hell yeah!

Why do get thirsty when you eat ice cream?

someone can get thirsty when they eat ice cream because the ice cream favor stays in your mouth for a while.

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