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Body itching isn't usually a pregnancy symptom but some pregnant women do experience itchy breasts and nipples.

If you are in the late second or third trimester and you are itchy get to the doctor IMMEDIATELY as this can be a symptom of liver problem.


I would just like to add that when I was pregnant with my son, although he was 3 weeks premature, during the last 3-4 weeks of pregnancy I had a bumpy,pinkish rash below my elbow, on the inside of my arm, and also on several of my fingers. The only reason I know it was something to do with the pregnancy and not a regular rash or allergic reaction is because once I gave birth to him, within a few hours the rash was gone. I was putting on a prescription cream before that and, although it helped the itching, it didn't help it go away.

I still joke with my husband about being "allergic" to pregnancy. LOL

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Q: If you are pregnant would anywhere on your body itch?
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What does it means when your body itch?

because of toxins in your body

Is it normal for your vaginal area to itch when you are pregnant?

it's not okay

If your nipples itch does it mean your pregnant?

No. The skin maybe dry around the nipple or you have used a soap that has made them itch. Try a cream on them.

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If your breasts itch and are sore are you pregnant?

no-it just means your boobs itch and they are sore. for some odd reason. No, you should take a pregnancy test to be sure

Is icy hot safe to use while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe. Alot of pregnant women who contract PUPPPS-an extremely itchy pregnancy rash- will use it to make the itch burn instead, so they dont feel the itch.

Why does you hair itch when you dye it?

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The act of agitating the skin as to relieve a sensation or irritation is called scratching. Thusly, you would need to "scratch an itch". It is physically impossible to "itch a scratch", no matter how hard you try.

Why do you itch with liver disease?

The itching is caused by the excretion of toxins from the body.

Why do deer fly bites itch?

Deer fly bites itch because of the enzymes they release into the skin. It is a natural reaction by the body to foreign material.

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Are you pregnant if your breast itch instead of being sore or tender?

how about if u get the stupid pee stick and see if it is

Why do your breasts itch while pregnant?

Normally in pregnancy the skin can itch as it is stretching normally it is the breasts and obviously the bump! Please don't worry about this as it is totally normal, try a little moisturizer around the affected area! If it does continue to itch or get worse please go and see your doctor who may give advice or prescribe you something that can soothe the itch!

Why do people itch?

Itching helps us to protect our skin. Sometimes an itch can be triggered if you are touched pr if you are bitten by and insect or if you are having an allergic reaction to something. Sometimes an itch is a warning of an infection or a virus trying to sneak its way into your body. By scratching, your body is attempting to remove whatever is causing the problem.