If you are renting a home that came with a fridge and the fridge goes out and spoils 200 dollars worth of food who is responsible for replacing the food?

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The landlord if he/she were informed of the problem and did not repair or replace the refrigerator in a timely manner. Unless there is a clause in your rental agreement/lease that states otherwise. Realistically, the situation is the same as it would be in a home you live in. You would either get ice to put into the refrigerator to keep it cold or put it into a cooler. Then, you call and wait for the repairman, which may be a day or two.

Unfortunately, you are. That is where your rental insurance would come in handy! Some landlords may be nice enough to deduct the amount off of your next months rent, provided that you have receipts.

I dis-agree with the above answer..........The owner has provided the appliances in the rental home and therefore is responsible for replacing the defective ones and the food that was spoiled due to the break down. What about a stove that won't work, is the tenant supposed to go with out hot food? Or do you think they should go out and BUY a new stove?
The owner of the rental unit has a legal responsibility to maintain and replace defective or dangerous equipment in the home. That is HIS expense not the tenants.

I am a landlord and I had this very thing happen. I live downstairs in a house that I rent out the main floor. I have a pager mainly for any problems that might come up like this one. I was working swing shift and I found a note about it when I got home which did not give me a chance to help save the food. I acted in good faith by working on repairing the fridge myself that night. It started working again and they filled it up again. I kept checking it as the kitchen is common area between us and until I figured out that the fan relay was not working and it would overheat and stop working, it had gone out again. I took all their food down to my fridge that night when I got home and I worked on repairing it again through the night. Over the course of many hours of trying to make sure they had food that did not spoil, when it went out for the last time, they still did not bother to page me nor did they get off their butts to try to put the more expensive things on ice. After they vacated, they took me to court because I charged them for cleaning and repairs out of their deposit which were far from unfair. The fridge thing came up in court and as long as the landlord is not negligent, they are not liable for the spoiling of the food... it is a renter's insurance thing. Instead of getting the $1250 they took me to court for, they ended up getting $53.00 plus they had to pay all the court fees to get me there. The things we cannot forecast is what insurance is for. Negligence is something that we can forecast and only then should there be a guilty party to be found liable.
Probably not, most leases will say that they do not cover damages to your personal items, and food would be included in this. The landlord is definitely responsible for fixing the fridge, but he would probably not be responsible for replacing its contents.
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Why Does Food Freeze In The Fridge?

Your fridge is set too high! It doesnt need to be as cold as people think. Also, it could be that your fridge is old and needs replacing :)

When will meat start to spoil in the fridge?

Spoilage of Beef . This is a pretty broad question but I will give you a couple of refrigerated meat storage guidelines.. Poultry 1-2 days. Beef, veal, pork, lamb 3-5 days. Ground beef and ground poultry 1-2 days. Variety meats (liver, tongue, brain, kidneys, heart, chitterlings) 1-2 days

How does the fridge keep food cold?

\n. \nit compresses air in the pipe's behind the fridge and places it into chamber, to keep it cold it takes air from within the fridge and re-compresses it.A refrigerator will keep food cold by converting gas into liquid, then liquid into vapour. Basic physics maintains that when two surfaces come ( Full Answer )

How does the food in a fridge cool down?

Freon is run through copper tubing in a refrigerator chilling the air inside the insulated box that makes up a refrigerator The temperature drops, chilling anything inside.

What happens to bacteria when food is stored in a fridge?

It really somewhat depends upon the type of bacteria. Most will stop growing or grow very slowly. Refrigeration will not kill off pathogenic bacteria. Some bacteria, like Listeria monocytogenes , will grow.

Can a spoon be left in food in fridge?

I wouldn't leave a spoon in the food for a couple reasons: . It would get in the way of sealing the container and could cause a mess if accidentally hit . It could be a source of contamination if the handle of the spoon slides into the food. . Otherwise, if the spoon is made out of non-reactive ( Full Answer )

Is eating food directly from the fridge harmful?

That depends upon what food is being consumed and its stage of preparation. For energy conservation, it is never a good idea to leave the refrigerator open while chowing down because that would cause extreme temperature fluctuations - which is not good for the food not eaten.

Why is the fridge freezing food at the bottom?

The refrigerator temperature control(s) is set to high. The refrigerator may have one or two controls. . If it has only one control , it is used for the freezing(freezer) compartment and the refrigerated(non-freezing) compartment as well. Simply lower the dial until the lower refrigerator ( Full Answer )

How many days you can keep food in fridge?

Food will only last a few days in the refrigerator. Most foods will last about 5 days in the refrigerator if the food is stored properly. Place the food in an air tight container for the best results. You can transfer the food to the freezer if longer storage is needed.

Why does food keep longer in a fridge?

Bacteria lives better at warm temperatures. Colder temperatures keep bacteria from forming on foods. It is important to keep foods out of the bacteria living temperature.

Can you put canned food in the fridge unopened?

If you plan to use the canned food to make something that should remain cold, pre-chilling it in the fridge is a good idea; for instance, tuna for tuna sandwiches or canned fruit to use in gelatin desserts or canned cranberry sauce to serve with turkey. Long term refrigerated storage might not a ( Full Answer )

Should you keep food open in fridge?

No, food loses moisture and dries up. And if you have some off food in your fridge, It cold spread its bacterium to other open food.

What food goes bad if you do not have it in a fridge?

There are certain things that must be refrigerated and if you donot refrigerate them they will go bad. Some examples are: . Milk and cream . Cheese . meat . fish . most fruits and vegetables

Why should you store food in the fridge?

The reason why some food is refrigerated is to help prevent spoilage cause by decomposition and bacteria. However it should be noted that while some foods are best refrigerated others should not be refrigerated because they store best in a cool (not cold), dry and dark conditions. While you would re ( Full Answer )

How do fridges preserve food?

The many types of bacteria that cause food to become stale and rot have a difficult time trying to survive and do what they do when in a cold environment.

Does food go bad if the fridge breaks?

As long as you keep the door closed as much as possible, it's probably ok for a day or so, but eventually the food will spoil.

Can someone get ill if you put hot food directly into the fridge?

Heating food will destroy any pathogens in it. Cooling it back down doesn't cause these pathogens to grow again, but they can if there is a source in the fridge from which they can spread to this new food. Refrigeration is only used to keep food from spoiling for a longer period of time rather than ( Full Answer )

Why are many fresh foods kept in the fridge?

Bacteria grows and multiplies much quicker between 8c and 67c. There for keeping perishable items refrigerated slows down this process. Bacteria always needs three things to help it flourish. Heat, time and moisture. Take away one of these and you slow down or even stop growth.

Why does storing food in fridges help to preserve food?

Food spoilage is caused by bacteria multiplying. Bacteria thrive in room temperature, so refrigerators keep food at a temperature that bacteria do not like, which slows their ability to reproduce.

How soon can food be put in a new fridge?

If it's a brand-new fridge - It needs to stand for 24 hours after you get it - to allow the gasses in the heat-echange system to 'settle' - After that, just plug it in and let it get down to it's working temperature (typically 5 o C) You can start storing food as soon as it's at the correct tempe ( Full Answer )

Why should you store your food at the correct temperature in the fridge?

You obviously have mental issues so I have decided not to pursue this question.... I'm kidding if food is not stored at it's correct temperature it will either Become damp or very dry. Then due to the conditions it will begin to rot and grow mould or fungae. It must be stored at it's correct tempera ( Full Answer )

What happens when food rots in the fridge?

When it rots, it will leave a smell in your fridge if its been in their for to long. Don't put it in the trash. It will make your trash bin smell also. So just put it in the freezer. It will eventually freeze the smell. ( it won't make your freezer stink)

How long can food last if its in the fridge?

Baby Food:1-3 days once opened Pasta Sauce:5 days once opened Mayonnaise:2 months once opened Cheese:1-4 weeks Eggs:3-5 weeks Leftovers:3-4 days

Will food freeze at 30 degrees in a fridge?

that would be a NO! The freezing point of water is 0 degrees centigrade or 32 degree farhneit .Hence food will freeze only in a freezer as it maintains a temperature below freezing point of water, and not in a refrigerator because the refrigerator maintains a temperature that is few degrees above ( Full Answer )

Why does food last longer when kept in fridge?

All living things require enzymes in order to use energy and perform life functions. Enzymes, however, have specific temperature ranges where they can perform their functions. The temperature in a refrigerator is low enough that most enzymes don't function very much. Therefor, the bacteria in the fo ( Full Answer )

How did the first fridge keep food cool?

The first fridges used ammonia and an electrical pump which would forced the liquid through tubes that ran along the back of the refrigerator. With time the moving parts involved in the electrical pumps would cause breaks in the tubes or the pump itself and the ammonia would leak into the home, ofte ( Full Answer )

Why should some foods be stored in the fridge?

food are placed in the fridges to use it for longer period of time. in this way the microbes on the food will be kille due to very low temprature of the fridge which is about 1 degree centigrade so the food are protected from the microbes and the food is then used for longer time.

Why can you not feed your dog food from the fridge?

you can but human food is not healthy for dogs because it is harder for them to digest thats why if your dog gets in the garbage it gets sick. dog food is made specifically for healthy digestion

Can you put can food in the fridge?

It depends on what you are worried about. Before 1970 the seam oncans was sealed with solder which had a lot of lead in it whichleached into the food. Also, the inside of the can was galvanizedto prevent rusting which gave the food a metallic taste. Those areno longer a problem. Some people warn th ( Full Answer )

Is it true that food goes bad in the fridge?

Yes, food can go bad in the refrigerator, especially if it is past its expiration date. It will go bad slower in the refrigerator than outside of it, but it can still go bad.