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Technically, you are a run-away, yes.

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Q: If you are seventeen and live in California but run away to Ohio are you considered a runaway or are you legal?
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Will you be considered a runaway if your 18?

No, you are of legal age to leave home.

Is it legal for a seventeen year old to runaway?

You shouldn't run away in the first place, and yes it is kind of illegal.

If you are 17 and live in new york but runaway to S.C can you still be considered a runaway if there legal age is 17?


Is it legal to move out at seventeen?

it depends were you are at it could be but you are considered and adult at age 18

How long do you have to wait till you can report a 17 year old runaway?

Well, the laws of "runaways" are a little hazy to some. If the individual is seventeen years of age he/she is not considered a runaway, they are considered missing. Any individual under the age of seventeen could be repoted as a runaway as soon as the act occurs. But it is not a crime to be missing, you would only be able to call the local police department to report the individual missing, but no legal consequences will surface from this because the courts veiw a seventeen year old as legal in legal matters. You shouldn't have to wait at all. Until the minor reaches the age of 18, they are considered to be under their parent's care. Some states have different laws about how 17 year olds are treated, and the police have different policies about what happens if they find a 17 year old.

Is it legal in California to date a girl who is seventeen years old?

Date yes, sex no. Age of consent is 18 in California.

What age can a person in Louisiana leave home and not be considered a runaway?

When they are a legal adult, which is 18.

What would happen if a nineteen year old harbored a seventeen year old runaway from Kansas in a different state?

It's still harboring a runaway or could be kidnapping. The 19yo would end up with serious legal consequences.

Can a 19-year old be considered a runaway?

No because they are passed 18 and when you turn 18 your a legal adult

What is the legal age a child can leave home and not be considered a runaway in Mississippi?

from what I've heard, it's 17.

What is the legal runaway age in Ohio?

There is no legal runaway age in any state. At 18, you're an adult and you can leave without being a runaway.

What is the legal age a child can leave home and not be considered a runaway Maryland?

i would say 18 years old.

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