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Since we don't know ourselves 100% it's difficult to know what another person is thinking, but sometimes we have to risk it. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. Why not try talking to him and asking him why he feels he needs the distance. Perhaps he wants freedom to pursue college or a career or he may feel he wants to travel. It's best to ask him and he does owe you an explanation.

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Who decides which elements get added to the periodic table?

The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

What do vampires do that Humans cannot?

As vampires are entirely fantasy creatures they can do whatever the author of the story decides.

What is meant by the stopping distance in a car?

It means the minimum distance the car moves between the time the driver decides to stop and the time the car actually stops. The distance can never be zero, and any pedestrian or animal who happens to be crossing in front of the car at a distance less than the stopping distance is simply out of luck.

How many miles between Atlanta to san Francisco?

They are 2155 miles (Approximate value) away from each other. Note that this is a straight distance between the two places. The actual distance may vary according to the flight path or road/sea route chosen.Distance between atlanta to san francisco is 2139 miles. Delta airlines offers the shortest flight times between the two regions. The distance may changes if one decides to follow slightly different path.

What time do vampires come out?

Being entirely fictional creatures they come out whenever the author of the story decides they should.

Seriously who dates vampires?

As vampires are entirely fictional then no one in reality does. In fantasy stories then whoever the author decides.

Which branch decides controversies between states?

The Judicial Branch

What is the impact of chemistry to the profession?

many professions and occupations need some knowledge of chemistry like the chemistry of fertilizers is very important to a farmer to assure him of a bountiful harvest. A salesman feels more confident and persuasive if he knows the composition and the properties of the products he is selling. Chemistry helps mother decides what food or detergent to buy. An architect or engineer should have a knowledge of chemistry to enable him to choose the best constructions material.

The chief disadvantage to a firm that decides to follow a product specialization strategy in selecting target markets is?

the product may be supplanted by an entirely newtechnology

Who decides if a lawsuit continues if the defendant dies?

well it depends on if the defendant had a spouse or an family , it would be there choice if neither are uncontactable then it is entirely in the hands of the judge

Which branch decides cases between citizens of different states?


What branch decides cases between citizens of different states?


What is the distance between the bowling crease and the stumps on a cricket pitch?

The normal distance between bowling crease and stumps in international cricket is generally 30 feet however, bowlers often bowl around 26 feet because they can action to the popping crease. In "unofficial" matches the length can be different depending on the circumstances such as weather, pitch or just what the umpire decides.

What is the difference between a conductor an a composer?

A conductor plays the music but the composer decides what do do

Are Zombies Scared of Fire?

Zombies do not exist in reality, so this is impossible to answer. In the realm of horror fiction, it entirely depends upon what the imagination of the writer / film director decides.

Is there a such thing as superpowers?

Your imagination decides weather or not you want to believe in such a thing, Some do, & some do not. we don't entirely know what is in this world. Therefore nobody has a right to say. Its your choice.

Which branch decides arguments between the states or between the US and other countries?

i dont know the answer thats why im asking you

What is the relationship between climate and agriculture?

the climate decides whether the produce will be good by helping it grow or not

What branch of government decides arguments between the states or the United states and other countries?


Does it mean a guy is interested in you if he decides to tell you more about his past then what you had asked him about?

Not entirely. It just means you are close friends with him but it could soon lead to him liking you. I have a friend (who is a boy) and he tells me about his past.

Who decides the verdict of a case?

Jury decides whether someone is guilty or not then judge decides the punishment

Who is more famous Darth Vader or Princess Diana?

Unless someone decides to do a survey, no one would be able to give you a clear answer. After all, any answer to this question would be entirely opinion based.

How long do you have to have your job before you can collect unemployment?

This is entirely up to the state, and each state decides their own rules regarding base period, wages counted, reasons for loss of job, etc.

When should I start decorating for Christmas?

When one decides to begin decorating for Christmas is entirely a matter of opinion. However, many people agree that it is distasteful to begin decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.

Who decides what good literature is?

who decides what good literature is ?