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It might be best to contact an attorney or get a judgment first. It all depends on the laws in your state.

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Q: If you are the lien holder and have the pink slip and a key can you repo the car for breach of contract and do you have to let the police know?
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What are the elements of the tort of intentional interference with contractual relations?

Intentional interference with contractual relations occurs when the defendant directly persuades a third party to breach a contract with the plaintiff. There are four elements: 1. The defendant must know that the contract exists, but they do not have to know the details. 2. The defendant must intend to cause the third party to breach the contract, but they don't have to intend to harm the plaintiff. 3. The defendant must actually cause the third party to break the contract. This is distinguished from simply encouraging the third party to breach the contract. 4. The plaintiff must suffer a loss as a result of the breach.

How do you sue a business for breach of contract?

Consult an attorney in your area. They will know the forms and process to bring suit.

Why is it important for the dental assistant to know about the laws governing dentistry?

To prevent contributing to malpractice, neglect of duties, or breach of contract.

Breach of contract creditor failure to pay?

If one side fails to stick to her/her/its part of the bargain, there is a breach. A breach occurs when: one party to a contract makes it impossible for the other parties to the contract to perform; a party to the contract does something against the intent of the contract; or a party absolutely refuses to perform the contract. Not all breaches of contract are necessarily "contract killers" which would end up in a lawsuit. Much would depend on whether the breach is "material" or "immaterial" and who the parties are. If the breach is immaterial, you may have the option to: ignore or excuse the defect and continue on as if nothing occurred, point out the problem to the responsible side and give it/she/him an opportunity to fix it, refuse to pay anything more until it is fixed, or correct the work yourself and deduct the cost from any payment. What makes sense for you will depend on the facts. Where the matter is substantial, the advice of an attorney can help you im awesome i know

What should I be aware of before signing a music contract?

You should know who owns the rights to your music, you or your music company. You also need to know what percentage of the royalties come to you and for what period of time. You need to know the length of the contract and if you breach what the consequences are.

Is there a statute of limitations for breach of contract in new York?

New York's statute of limitations on a written contract is 6 years. They do not specify an SOL for an oral contract. You need to know that the state law that applies could be different based on the actual contract language.

Is it ethical for engineer to agree to deliever a software system with know fault to a customer?

Without disclosure it may even be illegal as it could be a breach of contract.

I have decided not to list my house but do not know how to break the contract with realtor. I live in wisconsin. How do break agreement with realtor?

Call the realtor and notify him/her that you have decided not to sell. Then follow this up with something in writing. Depending on the terms of your contract, there may be damages for breach. You'd have to read you contract to find out.

What is the Greek word for wisdom-holder?

The Greek term is sophia. I know, I know you think its a name but its true.

Can landlord sell land you are buying from him on contract?

If you have a signed and notarized contract with him for the purchase of land, call it "parcel A", he cannot then go and sell "parcel A". Unless you have violated any of the sections of the contract, for instance, with a late or missed payment. And if you did, the contract would not necessarily have to say that it would void the contract, that could be taken as a given. (You'd need an attorney to know for sure on that last point.) You need to take your contract, and record of payments, into an attorney in your area and learn of what you can do. Meanwhile, keep making the payments, and do not be in breach of any section of that contract.

What is a sales contract?

a contract that keeps you in the know of sales

What type of mathematics a police need to know or study?

what type of mathematics a police need to know and what type of mathematics a police need to know?

How do you know if your lender has committed a breach of peace during a vehicle repossession?

Repossessors don't have real, "Power" as, Bounty Hunters. So to compensate, They do alot of, Huffing & Puffing. Scare & Intimidation are pretty much all they have. If they tell you, "Get out of the vehicle, I'm taking it!" That's, a "Breach of Peace." If they walk into your House, Garage etc. Uninvited, That's a, " Breach ofPeace." As a rule of thumb, anything other than a peaceful repossession, Is a,You guessed it, "Breach of Peace." And keep in mind, this is taken very seriously.This is when it turns from a civil to a criminal situation. If your neighbor calls thePolice, thats a, "Breach of Peace" So always remember that you have Rights and so does the Finance Company. You'll know when that Repo Guy starts to look nervous, The Repo is in jeopardy. If you tell them to get off of your property, they have to. Laws vary from State to State. Know Your Rights!

Statute of limitations for breach of contract?

A breach of contract would be a civil suit. Most jurisdictions have a statute of limitations on bringing such cases. It varies anywhere from 2 years to much longer. Additionally, different limitations period apply depending upon whether the contract was written or verbal. It is also important to know, when trying to determine the statute of limitation, when the past performance of a requirement was under the contract (such as a partial payment of a debt). Generally, the statute of limitations will begin anew from the date of last performance (rather than dating back to the date the original debt was incurred). Consult an attorney in your specific jurisdiction to find out what fits in your area and the nuances that apply to your facts.

What is the exact meaning of this sentence Royal oman police certify that the holder of this certificate has no legally existing criminal record as of date.?

It appears to say that - "as of the date on the document by the Omani police, no legally existing criminal record can be found." I don't know how much clearer it could be said.

How do you check name of account holder using account number?

how to know a/c holder name by a/c number

How do police know when to search you?

Police can know when to search you because you would probaly be drunk

How will you know if the contract is lawful or legal?

If you want to know whether a contract is lawful and legal then you need to have it reviewed by your attorney.

Function of clamp holder?

i want to know as well

How do you explain the various modes of discharge of contract?

Discharge of contractQ. Describe the various modes in which a contract may be discharged. (2002)1. Introduction:A contract is said to be discharged when the rights and obligation created by it come to end. The contract act 1872 provides various ways in which a contract may be discharge or terminated.2. Modes of discharge of contract:Following are different modes in which a contract may be discharged.(I) Performance:Performance is a common mode of discharge of a contract. It is a common of discharge when the parties to a contract perform their share of promises the contract is discharged.(a) Types of performance:Performance may be of two types.(i) Actual performance:When each party to a contract fulfill the obligations arising under the contract according to the terms and conditions of the contract, it is called actual performance.(ii) Offer of performance:An offer to perform is know as Tender' or 'Offer' of performance when the promisor offers to perform the obligation but the other party refuses accept, the offer is equivalent to performance.Essentials of a valid offer of performance.(i) It must be unconditional .(ii) It must be made at proper time.(iii) It must be made at proper place.(iv) It must be made by a person who is able to perform the promise.(v) It must be made to the promise or his agent.(vi) An offer, of performance made to stranger is invalid.(vii) In case of tender of money exact amount should be tendered.(II) By agreement:A contract can also be discharged by the fresh agreement between the parties.(a) Ways to terminate the contract:Following are different ways to discharge a contract by agreement.(i) Novation:When the parties to the contract agree to substitute a new contract for a contract, that is called Novation.Kinds of Novation:(a) A Novation involving the change of parties.(b) A Novation involving substitution of a new contract in the place of old contract.(ii) Rescission:When all or some of the terms of contract are cancelled the contract is said to be rescined.Modes of rescission:Rescission may occur.(i) By mutual consent of the parties.(ii) When are party fails to reform his contractual obligation, the other party may rescind the contract.(iii) Alteration:When one or more of the contract is altered by actual consent of the parties, the contract is said to be altered.(iv) Release of waiver:Waiver means the intentional abandonment of a right, which a person is entitled to under a contract.(v) Remission:Remission of performance means that a promise can discharge the promisor also without a new agreement but not only without consideration. Creditors may accept lesser amount than what is due in discharge of the whole debt.(vi) Merger:It takes place when an inferior right accuring under a contract merger into a superior right accuring to the same party or some other contract.(III) By impossibility:Impossibility discharge the parties. If the act becomes impossible after the formation of contract, the contract is rendered void.(a) Categories of impossibility:Following are categories of impossibility.(i) Initial impossibility:Initial impossibility is that which is known or unknown to the parties.(ii) Subsequent impossibility:Some times a contract, is capable of being performed when entered into. But some subsequent event renders the performance impossible.(b) Factors causing impossibility of performance of contract:The following are the factors causing impossible of the performance of the contract.(i) Destruction of subject matter.(ii) Failure of ultimate purpose(iii) Death(iv) Personal incapacity(v) Change of law(vi) Declaration of war(IV) Discharge by laps of time:A contract may be discharge by laps of time. The contract should be performed with in a reasonable time. If a contract is not discharge with in a specified time, the contract is discharued.(V) By operation of law:A contract may be discharged by operation of law.Ways of termination:Following are different ways of discharge under operation of law.(a) Insolvency:Where the court declares a person as insolvent, the rights and liabilities are transferred to officer known as receiver so contract is discharged.(b) By unauthorized:If the terms of the contract, written on a document are materially altered by one party, without the consent of the other party the contract is discharged and can not be enforced.(VI) By breach of contract:A contract may be discharged by breach if one of the parties to a contract break the promise, the injured party has not only a right damages but it is also discharge from performing his part of the contract.(i) Actual breach:It occurs when a party fails to perform a contract, where performance is due.(ii) Anticipatory breach:An anticipatory breach contract occurs before the time fixed for performance has arrived. It may happed in two ways.(iii) Express breach:In express breach a party to contract communicates to the other party, his intention not be perform the contract on his part.(iv) Implied breach:In implied breach party to the contract does not act. Which makes the performance of the contract impossible,3. Conclusion:To conclusion it can be said that, when the rights and obligations arising out of a contract are extinguished the contract is said to be discharged. The contractual tie may be loosend and contract may be terminated under different modes under contract act.

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How do you know if the copyright holder of a song has consented to the song being shared on line?

The only way to be certain is to contact the copyright holder yourself.

What if the consenting party did not understand the terms used in the contract?

It's the consenting party's duty to know what they are consenting to. Sometimes terms in 'legal speak' have a different, or sometimes a more precise meaning than their common definitions. That's why it's a good idea to have a lawyer read through it first. Note that a contract that is misleading or fraudulent is a defense against being held to the terms of it. But simply not understanding something which is stated in the contract, is no defence. The contract holder believes you understood everything, because you said you did.