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WHENEVER YOU travel to a foreign country, you should always speak to your healthcare professional about the proper innoculations required for the area you will be travelling to. Certain countries require different preventive innoculations than others. About malaria, which is any group of diseases characterized by attacks of chills, fever and sweating, is contracted by mosquitoes carrying the disease. Once in your bloodstream, it attacks your red blood cells. Since mosquitoes are everywhere, a doctor can check reference books and see which countries are more dangerous than others for getting malaria. You should carry QUININE pills and take them as a preventative measure, which your doctor can prescribe for you. More up to date antimalarial drugs are: atovaquone/proguanil; doxycycline; and mefloquine. Drinking quinine water (regular tonic water) is also a good idea. ALSO, if you are travelling with children, make sure that they see their pediatrician for innoculations and advice about possible diseases; some diseases that make adults sick, can kill a child (and also the elderly). As long as you are prepared with the proper innocculations and information before you travel, you can enjoy the trip instead of worring about getting sick in a foreign land. Hope you enjoy your trip, and have found my answer useful! A web site that is a MUST SEE for foreign travel, including specific destinations and vaccinations is: An important fact to remember is that you need to get vaccinated WEEKS before travel so that the medication has time to take effect. Some medication you need to continue taking for a set time period AFTER you return home. ALSO, some parts of Africa (and probably other countries as well) you actually have to carry certain VACCINATION CERTIFICATES with you in order to be allowed into the country and travel around. Well it depends if it's a high risk region or not... but since you said all areas of the country (I assume you mean continent :P ) I'll give you the information for a high risk area. The most potent combination for this region would be a combination of chloroquine and proguanil. For adults 300mg chloroquine once weekly, starting one week before going, then weekly whilst your there and for six weeks after returning and 200mg proguanil once daily, starting one week before going, daily whilst there and for four weeks after returning. These would need to be prescribed by a doctor. I don't know about other countries, but you'd have to pay the price of the actual drugs rather than the standard prescription charge in the UK. Hope this helps. If you want to give me details about areas and the age of the travellers I could give you more accurate information.

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What are the different form of tourism?

In-bound Tourism:International visitors, traveling to a country, who are resident of other countries. For example a group of Japanese visiting Buddhist's shrines in India, teams from different countries participating in world cup tournaments, families and friends visiting relatives.Out-bound tourism:Resident of a country, traveling as visitors to other countries for example Indian parents visiting their children in USA. executives visiting UK/USA on business promotion, persons traveling abroad for higher studies or medical treatment of just for pleasure.Domestic tourism:Residents visiting destinations within their own country's boundaries

Learn a Foreign Language for Business Travel Abroad?

When traveling abroad for business, make the effort to learn some of the foreign language from the country you'll be traveling to. Learning the language of the country your visiting will show dedication and respect for that country and your business. Try to learn phrases that will help you navigate the city or ask for help and then focus on learning some phrases that will be specific to the business you will be traveling for.

Would you advise traveling to Romania?

Yes, Romania is a beautiful and interesting country. The number of tourists visiting Romania is higher every year. The poor road infrastructure, however, pulls this country back.

Why are you visiting this country in french?

English : Why are you visiting this country ? French: Pourquoi vous visitez se pays?

Do you need a passport when traveling by air?

If you are in the United States and wish to fly to a different country, you will need a passport valid for at least 6 months after your date of return. You may also need a visa, depending on the country you will be visiting and the country that has issued your passport.

If you were watching the running of the bulls in the city of Pamplona which Mediterranean country would you be visiting?

You'd be visiting the country of Spain.

Do you need the other parent's permission to take a child out of the country if the traveling parent is a citizen of the country traveling to and the child already has a passport?

Yes this applies to all kinds of traveling out of the country with a child.

If someone where visiting Puntland what country would they be in?

If one was visiting Puntland they would be visiting the country of Somalia. Somalia is on the east coast of the continent of Africa. The "Puntland State of Somalia" is located in the northeast of Somalia.

What country are you visiting if you are eating a pelmeny?


What program allows you to travel to a foreign country?

You can be a traveling nurse or a traveling teacher.

What does it mean to travel domestically?

Traveling within a country is known as Domestic Travel. So if you travel Domestically, you are traveling within your country.

Which country was elizabeth visiting when she became queen?


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What are inbound and outbound tourism?

Inbound tourism is the act of a person from a foreign country or territory traveling within your country and outbound tourism is the act of a citizen from your country traveling outside of the country to a foreign territory.

What do you call tourists visiting a place in their own country?

They are not tourist because they are in their own country.

What country is Santa visiting first?

Santa will visit the country where the children are asleep first.

What was the first country to ban the use of all animals in traveling circuses?

Bolivia is the first country to ban the use of all animal in traveling circuses

What does some one do when traveling and identification gets stolen?

Answer If you are traveling in your own country it's not so much of a problem, but if you are traveling abroad and need your passport to leave the country, then you had better involve the police and call your embassy.

Can you Make a sentence with word traveling?

They're traveling to Spain for a vacation. After traveling for several weeks, he was glad to get home again. Her purse was stolen while she was traveling across the country.

What is a regional tourist?

A regional tourist is a tourist visiting a country other than that in which he/she has a normal residence but within a defined geographical a tourist from EU region visiting member countries or a tourist from Latin America visiting a country in that sub continent.

Do Americans visiting japan follow Japanese laws?

Yes, when you travel abroad you are required to follow the laws of the country you are visiting.

What does illegally mean?

Not legal, in the state or country that you are living or visiting...

What are domestic beers?

The local beer of the country you are living in or visiting

If you were visiting the states of Sonora and Chinhuahua what country would you be in?


Is Poland a schengun country?

yes it is :), thanks for asking about my lovely country :) I recommend visiting Poland :)

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