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to hook up the tach use the hot lead on the disributor and to any good ground wire and if there is a light hook it to the wire on you light switch

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What does hook mean you reading a paragraph?

A hook is what catches the readers attention when they are reading a paragraph.

How do you hook up a Xbox 360?

The instructions should have come with your Xbox.AnswerTo what? Try reading the instructions.

How do you write an introduction paragraph?

First you should start with a hook. A hook is something that will make the reader want to keep reading. Then you can write an anecdote or something interesting.

What is good hook for Romeo and Juliet?

It depends who you are trying to hook, and why.

Will the transmission out of a 2000 Pontiac Bonneville fit in a 96 Pontiac Bonneville?

NO. The 2000 Bonneville used the 4T65E and the '96 used the 4T60E transmission. It may physically fit, but the electrical connector is completely different for the computer hook-up.

What is the hook in a story for?

The "hook" is the part of the story that attracts the reader's attention and makes him or her want to keep reading it.

How to write a hook for an essay?

you need to write an interesting hook to make people want to keep reading it

What is the meaning of spring balance?

It is nothing but it consists of a hook and a scale .when the weight is put up on the hook the scale shows the reading....

What does hook mean in a paragraph?

The "hook" is meant as a figurative term. It is the part in the beginning of a paragraph or story that makes the reader interested in reading more.

How high should you hang a clothes hook?

A person should a clothes hook high enough so they can reach it. The hook should also be high enough so the clothes will not reach the floor.

How do you not be noticeably trying to hook up with a guy?

if you mean hook up as in"ask out" then be like yo wadap, wana go out wtih me?

Why does Captain Hook trying to catch Peter Pan?

Captain Hook wants to punish Peter Pan for feeding his hand to the crocodile.

How do you hook my printer to my computer?

Try reading the manual they will tell you how to connect your printer to your PC

What should the hook not focus on?

A hook or chorus should not focus on lesser parts of a song. It should be about the main topic of the song, the main story of what the song is about.

Were Captain Hook and his pirates eaten by an alligator?

No. Depending on which version of Peter Pan you are reading or watching, Captain Hook is chased by a crocodile and, in some versions, is eaten by the crocodile.

How do you reset the check engine light in a 1996 Pontiac Bonneville?

Disconnect the positive battery cable from the battery, and hook it back up. This should reset the internal cpu, if the problem still exists the light will come back on after about 50-100 miles of drive time.

How do you connect psp with internet?

ok i do not no how you r trying but this is how i did it. buy a router hook it up and then set up the cannection on you psp and it should work.ps it does not work on all routers i had to get 2 of them.

What size hook should be used for 8 ply wool you are a loose crochet?

If it's a bulky yarn then you should use hook size H and up. If it's thinner then stick to the smaller size hooks. If your hook is too small then the yarn will not fit on the hook and it may snag on the hook as your working.

What does a guy friend mean if he says I'm trying to get to know you?

I think he is trying to get to know you so he can hook up. He wants to know you more about you.

How does a spring balance work?

to measure the weight of an object, hang the object on the hook of the balance, lift up the balance and take the reading. OR to measure the force needed to pull an object, attach an object to the hook of the balance, pull the balance and take the reading when the object moves.

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