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Depends on the state, and your age. * Factors that determine legal action that can be taken relating to such adult a relationship depends largely upon the AOC laws in the state where the parties reside. In some cases age discrepancy, the older person being in a position of authority(coach, teacher, counselor, etc.), alcohol, illegal substances, pornography, and so forth played a part they can be considered contributing factors and increase the odds of the adult or older person being charged. Please be advised, all US states reserve the right to charge and prosecute any adult who violates laws pertaining to minor and adult relationships without the cooperation of the minor, the minor's parents or legal guardian.


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is i understand it, you have full rights as a father - but you go to jail

The overage man goes to court, and probably jail for being a pedifile.

In Canada, Your parents can't do anything DIRECTLY. They would have to go to the local police and tell them what happened and the guy who got the girl pregnant would go to jail(If over 18). Other than that then all they can do is ground the pregnant one.

If the guy is 18 and over and the girl or parents report it to police, yes. But I believe with bail. 17 & younger, no. It's not illegal.

Depends. If he/she is over the age of 18 and he/she is younger than 18 yes you can go to jail in certain states. If you both are over the age of 18 and or both younger than 18 No, you will not go to jail. If you get a girl pregnant and she is under 18 and so are you, you can't go to jail. But if you got a minority pregnant, in certain states, you may face charges.

No, but your guy can, depending on how old he is. If he's over 5 years older than you or you are under sixteen and he is over 18 (i think it's 18...mayber older), then yes. i don't think so. cuz look at jamie Lynn spears. im 16 and im pregnant and im not in jail

If you are an underage parent that lives with your parents they have a say in your life as it affects your child. They do not have a say over your child directly.

yes. if he is over the age of 18 he can go to jail

This is an easy answer. You need Permission from both your parents. That's how its been in America for over 50 years!!!!

Same as before. Pregnancy don't change that. Your parents still decide over you and you decide over your baby.

If you want your girlfriend to visit your room, that would depend on her and your age. If she is underage, perhaps you guys could just hang out in a family room or outside. Try to talk to your parents about your girlfriend coming over.

No, you have to be over sixteen before you can be Emancipated. The link below provides plenty of information if you are planning to try and be Emancipated, or are thinking of it.

That depends on the age of the male- If he is over 18 then Yes- that is a criminal offense and he will most probably be sentenced and perhaps go to jail. If you were both 13 (or he is under the age of consent of that state) then he is a minor, and will be charged as a minor (with a chance that he won't go to jail). So depending on the state the severity of the crime, the punishment will be different. Also you will be partly to blame so you will have the child social services visiting you and your parents.

According to percentages, underage drinking has increased through the years.

If she is underage your parents need to be told. They can face stiff fines for allowing a minor to smoke. If she is over the age of 18 or 21, then there is nothing you can do.

The ability to father a child has no relationship to being sent to jail. If you are referring to going to jail because they fathered a child to a minor, it will depend on the laws where they are. If the girl is under the age of consent, it is possible.

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yes, even though there may be lots of people (over or underage) who do, its a very bad decision.

It depends on your state, and how many underages you get. In my state, Wisconsin, the first underage results in a $300 ticket, and if you are under 18-your parents get called and you get taken to jail. If you are over the age of 18, and you were at a party and weren't driving- you'll get the ticket, and they'll tell you to go home. If you get three underages, you get your license taken away. And most of the time if you fight the ticket and apologize to the judge and take 10 hours of alcohol abuse counseling from the city-they'll drop the ticket.

Yes, they can. In ORC 4301.69(B) It clearly states - "That beer or intoxicating liquor will be consumed by an underage person on the premises of the accommodations that the person engages or uses, unless the person engaging or using the accommodations is the spouse of the underage person and is not an underage person, or is the parent or legal guardian of all of the underage persons, who consume beer or intoxicating liquor on the premises and that person is on the premises at all times when beer or intoxicating liquor is being consumed by an underage person;" ORC 4301.69 deals with underage persons concerning (liquor laws). It states many times over that an underage spouse or child is free to drink in their guardian or parents presence.

Go 2 jail for rape! That is not true! If you are over fife/teen then they are gonna try you for an adult! If you are really under five/teen then he goes to jail 4 rape!

sit them down and tell them they will be upset but get over it

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