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If you are underweight with a BMI around 16.5 but don't have an eating disorder do you still get the health problems of being anorexic?


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September 12, 2011 9:46PM

I eat and eat and eat all day whether its healthy foods or not. I sometimes even eat more then my father. HOWEVER, i have yet to become fat. I honestly do not understand how i am not at least three hundred pounds by now. But that is just my body.

Depending on how old you are and also depending on if your a male or a female, #1. you could still be growing and your body is absorbing the foods you eat quickly and turning into energy rather then fat.

#2. Even one day of the week of being active is something that could keep you somewhat in shape, and therefore skinny.

#3. if your looking like a skeleton or exactly like an anorexic person, then a doctor may need to come into the picture. unless one already has. but if you don't look like a skeleton then you should be thankful that you are a naturally skinny person and not someone who will gain two pounds off of one cream filled doughnut. :)

If you haven't had any health problems by now, you probably wont in the future unless you get even more skinnier, which is probably very unlikely.

A teen friend.


dd ... simply put no. Not if your generally healthy and the reason for your thinness is just because that's the way you've always been. If you've recently lost alot of weight and you just havent been hungry there could be an underlying medical condition resulting in loss of appetite you should see your doctor about this. if its just stress I suggest you think about the things happening in your life and talk to someone you trust if you have a problem.

If your just naturally thin but have no problems eating and arent over exercising then you wont have health problems. Health problems associated with eating disorders are not caused by the low weight or loss of weight its caused by the METHOD of the weight loss/gain/frequent flucations (starvation, excessive exercise, purging [vomiting, laxatives, diuretics, ipecac], and binging) this causes electrolyte imbalances, muscle and fat wasting, bone deterioration, malnutrition that's why people with eating disorder get physically sick, its not just because they are thin (most often they are normal or over weight).