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If you are using internet connections via two different gateways how can you find both IP addresses when iproute just gives the default address?

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โˆ™ 2006-07-27 18:07:34

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do you have access to your router/firewall? if so, the easiest way would be to login into the router/firewall box and check for the WAN/public IP addresses for both channels.

2006-07-27 18:07:34
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Q: If you are using internet connections via two different gateways how can you find both IP addresses when iproute just gives the default address?
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Core.Source: Network+Guide to Networksby: Tamara Dean."The gateways that make up the Internet backbone are called core gateways."

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Internet Service Providers or ISPs are companies that are gateways to the internet. They provide homes and businesses with a connection to the world wide web for a monthly charge. The term ISP is more common with dial-up connections although high speed broadband internet connections also carry this term.

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A gateways is the point where the network accesses the internet.

What does it mean when your default gateway is blank and how do I retrieve it?

Gateways are a type of router used in large networks for security purposes. They act as a middleman between a computer and the internet. When the "default gateway" field is blank, it means that there are no gateways between you computer and the internet. You have a direct connection to the internet.

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what is American registry for internet number involvement with the internet public IP addresses

What are the Gateways that make up the internet backbone?

Core GatewaysSource:Dean, Tamara. Network+ Guide to Networks. Boston: Course Technology, 2005. 578-78.

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What are the factors to be considered for choosing an ISP?

we need to see the bandwidth of the servies they are providing for internet....... consider the download speed and the number of defaults gateways it have..... the connection that has least gateways will be efficient........

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Public IP addresses

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what is the internet name and addresses

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What are the five ways a PDA can be used to access internet?

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What is a bit of punctuation used in internet addresses?

For V4 addresses they are separated by a period (.). For V6 addresses they are separated by a colon (:)

What are the pros and cons of internet connections?

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My computer says there are no internet connections I'm not sure why this is It also won't troubleshoot I have no idea what's going on?

If your computer says there are no Internet connections, simply restart it for it to discover the available Internet connections, or check the connection cable if you are accessing Internet over Ethernet.

What is the unit of internet speed?

The unit of internet speed is the kilobyte. Most internet connections are measured in kilobytes per second. Some connections are measured in megabytes as well.

Is it correct to say that a modem is for Internet connections whereas router is for sharing the connections between computers?

yes a modem is directly for internet connections and the transfer of data through the internet a router is for direct transferr from one source to another

Is an organization that supplies connections to the Internet for a fee?

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What are the various types of internet connections?

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