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If you are working and your income is reported on a 1099 can the bank still garnish your wages?


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2015-07-15 19:33:49
2015-07-15 19:33:49

Not likely, unless you get a REFUND. Or stay in one place tooo long.


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Yes all interest income is reported on the income tax return. tds (Tax Deducted at Source). At present NO interest income is exempted from tax .On the federal 1040 income tax return you do have some types of interest that is exempt from income tax but the amount still has to be reported on the 1040 federal income tax return..

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Sure you do still pay your share of the FICA (social security and medicare) (OASDI) taxes on your earned income as long as you are providing your services to earn the income and are still breathing.

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No. You still have a source of income from the 2nd job. The purpose of UI is to provide a pittance income while you not working and seeking employment. Since you are still working, you are not eligible for UI.

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if a deferrment has been done on a student loan wll IRS still garnish refund.

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