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If you believe your education is being neglected in the school you now attend where can you find help to convince your father that being homeschooled would be more beneficial for you?



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Well, arguing isn't going to get you anywhere - you have to prove you are mature enough and dependable enough to do your schoolwork, regardless of being at home OR in school. Homeschooling isn't, nor should it be, an easy way to cop out of things - always remember that. It may take awhile to prove that to your dad but, be patient. If you can show him some maturity and that you will be diligent in your school work (and that you are being sincere about wanting to be homeschooled, and not wanting to use it simply to get away from a teacher that "bugs you", or not have to do things that are expected), then he might relax a little. You have to show him first, though. Tough to do sometimes, but...just be patient and show him you can be responsible. It may make a difference - because arguing about it sure isn't getting anything changed, right? :) In the interim, ask for help in school - I used to work in a school, they'll give it to you - you just have to ask. ===ANOTHER ANSWER=== I AGREE WITH the first answer. Also, Maybe you should try and figure out why your dad is not in favor of you being homeschooled. It might be that he doesn't feel qualified to teach you at home; or maybe he feels that he doesn't have enough time to take on the job of homeschooling. Any parent that does homeschool, needs to be a pretty organized person and be disciplined enough to follow through with it. They have to put together their own curriculum plan and you also need to be disciplined enough and self-motivated enough to follow through with it each day. Like the first answer points out, homeschooling is not an "easy" way to get out of going to school. Since he "doesn't listen to kids", try to find another person about your age who is homeschooled, and see if the parent(s) could talk to your dad about it, where they may be able to point out how they go about it. See if you can find a few adults who favor homeschooling, and maybe he just might listen and see the different approach to school. Finally, don't argue with him about it, that just might make him more against it. You also have to try and see his reasons for not wanting it. Homeschooling is not for everyone. Good Luck!! You need to show and give extreme examples to your father to justify the homeschooling. See if you can get the schools grade for how well they rate in the state for education of its students. This should be available from the administration office in your county. It is something that should be publicly printed, yearly, maybe your dad missed it. You could also bring it up to the principal of the school, if you feel that your not being challenged. Maybe they have a gifted class that you can attend, that will give you more of a peak in education. The only people I know that will advocate for you about homeschooling is the other parents that homeschool and the state educational system that regulates homeschooling. You should be able to find that number through your governs office. Good luck.