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Yo do not own the car if you no not have a title. Who ever is on the title owns the car. You will have to go to court file a small claim . I hope you have a bill of sale and a reciept for you payment.

Otherwise you are screwed.

also file a theft by deception case with the county courthouse. if you have proof you purchased said car he will be sitting in lockup until you get your title or refund

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If car title is lost but you cant get title because ex is still on title?

I bought a car and I cant get the title for it what to do

How can you get a lost car title if you cant find the original owner?

You should have never bought a car without receiving the title. But, you did so go to your local DMV and explain this and request a duplicate title. That is all you can do.

How to get a title on an abandoned car in Missouri?

How do I file for a title on a motorcycl when the title is messes up and the original owner is dead and the original guy that the motorcycle from the deceased moves out of state and sold the bike to me. I also cant get ahold of that guy that original bought the bike from the deceased

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Lost car title and has not been registered in your name yet?

I just pad off my car in March of 2008 and now I need the title for a secured loan I'm looking to take but I can't seem to find the title (lost or stolen) and I never registered it to my name. What can I do? i bought a bike, the owner(previous) cant be located, and the title has not been registered in my name yet with the state. What do i do?

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