If you bought a satin paint to match to an existing paint but it is a little too shiny can you add something to the paint to flatten it some?

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if your paint is latex add some water to slightly dull the sheen, if you need to drastically dull the finish buy some flat paint in the same color and mix accordingly
Another thought. Do not thin the paint too much as it will change the durability of the topcoat. Buying a 2nd qt, gallon of flatter paint will also change the sheen but cost you more in the end and you will have a bunch of paint sitting around. The easier fix is to ask your local Sherwin Williams, Quals or other paint supplier for some flattening powder which is the only real difference in the sheen of your paint and the flatter paint suggested above and costs pennies. About 4 oz of this powder to a gallon will change a satin, eggshell to a flat. You could do the math and mix a small pint to test it. Good luck.
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Automotive flatten paint?

I have never heard that one before. They are either talking about a flat type paint, which is a flat color, with not gloss, like primer almost. Or, the other thing could be talking about primer. When you paint a car with a high dollar paint job, you want a great shine. The best shine comes from a pe ( Full Answer )

What is in paint?

in paint there is pigment,binder and solvents.pigment is to make the colour of the paint,binder is to protect the sufface that it is put on ans solvents are just in it to make the pain up.

Can flat ceiling paint be converted to satin paint?

I prefer to paint all walls and ceilings satin. I have no idea why people just automatically think that ceilings have to be flat...or even white. I do satin on the ceilings because of dust, yes dust does stick to the ceilings, esp near AC vents and around ceiling fans. Have you ever tried to sweep y ( Full Answer )

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How do you prep walls that have been painted with a satin finish paint if you want to paint again with a satin finish paint?

The paint finish doesn't significantly change the surface preparation necessary. If the paint is the same type (water based going over waterbased or enamel over enamel) then the preparation is simply: . cleaning, . remove loose material, . fill any holes or hollows, . sanding and . wiping, . ( Full Answer )

Can you paint over satin paint with a flat paint?

Yes, you can. The whole problem with flat paint over satin is the gloss sheen bleeding through the flat finish. I typically do one of two things for a customer when they have this situation: Either I just plan on two coats of the new paint, or I paint the walls with cheap flat white paint and then p ( Full Answer )

Can you paint satin paint over flat paint?

You will have no problem painting satin over top of flat paint. Just remember to use the appropriate paint that will stick to the old coating. If the old coating is latex (water based) you can go over it with latex or alkyd (oil based) paint. If the old coating is oil based you can only go over it w ( Full Answer )

Can you paint satin paint over gloss paint?

Whenever you want to paint over a shiny surface such as gloss paint, you must first lightly sand the entire surface to make the paint stick. I didn't do that once and the paint looked great anyways...until it all started peeling off a week or so later. The best bet is to lightly sand, prime and th ( Full Answer )

Can you paint over primer with satin gloss?

You didn't mention whether you were using latex or oil based primer and paint, but generally the point of using primer is so that you can paint over it with any form of wall paint. Just read the label on your primer can to make sure it is compatible. On the other hand, if you wanted to paint the p ( Full Answer )

Can you paint over semi gloss with a satin?

Yes as long as you use the same base paint. You just need to sand it enough to where the paint will adhere. Make sure if the original paint is latex, use latex. If its oil based, use oil based.

Can you paint over semi gloss paint with satin paint?

More important is, that both paints are of the same kind (like: oil-based paint, acrylic paint, latex paint). Semi-gloss is more easily painted over then high gloss, but first better find out what the old paint layer is made of. Check with the help of alcohol - if paint comes off in any way when you ( Full Answer )

How do you Change paint from a satin to flat finish?

you cant move down the scale matt, satin, silk, gloss. you can move up you might be able to dilute the colour, i tend to mix my own paints, with the samplers from diy stores, i suggest you buy a few samplers roughly the same colour as the paint and mix them together well, dont add the samples to ( Full Answer )

How do you change flat paint to satin paint?

YOU can't, but the paint dept where you bought it often can if it's the right base. Take the can to them, many are very helpful and will do changes to paint that they have sold.

How do you get paint?


If painting a scratch on the hood of a 15 year old car and you bought new paint is there any way to get the paint to match better and should I worry about the fading of the car from the sunlight?

the severity of the fade is dependant on the colour. often reds and yellows and some whites are the worst. heavily metallicised or pearled paints are often better wearing to sun fade or bleaching..BUT.. often harder to match due to their complexity of the colour itself. often repainting a hood requi ( Full Answer )

Can you mix satin and semi gloss paint?

Yes, it will give you a finish between the two. Just remember it you need to touch up a spot down the road, you are going to have a hard time, unless you make the exact mixture again, that's why it is better not to try mixing different paints together. Its hard enough getting the color to match e ( Full Answer )

Can you paint gloss paint over satin paint?

If satin paint is latex and the gloss you are painting is latex painting over is fine..but if one is oil paint and one is latex they will not stick on wall surface...check for type by doing simple test using rubbing alcohol and scrub a spot if there is residue left on the rag it most likely is latex ( Full Answer )

Can you paint without sanding satin paint over satin?

Yes but there is no guarantee that the colour on the surface will not streak or show a different colour through. Added to this is the fact in many houses in particular there are spray polishes used. These become airborne and do make their way to pained surfaces even if you don't actually polish that ( Full Answer )

Can you paint satin paint over eggshell paint?

Yes, Eggshell and Satin are very similar. Though i would recommend scuffing the walls with a sanding block or sandpaper to help with adhesion . Also current and new colors will make a difference, you may need to use primer if applying a lighter color over a darker one or if there are excessive stain ( Full Answer )

Can you put eggshell paint over satin paint?

yes, although with every paint job you should prepare the surface first. It is easier to put eggshell paint over satin paint finishes, but it is harder to do the opposite. To put a satin paint over an eggshell paint, you would have to sand to obtain a smooth surface first.

Can satin paint be made flat?

If you have the satin, you can add flat paint and take some of the sheen off. This would have to be done before application. It will never be a true flat though.

Can you paint over satin with gloss?

Yes. As with any prep, the old paint must be given a "tooth" for the new paint to grab. This is done by sanding or painting it with a special primer that will give it a "tooth". Either way it must be a clean, sound surface. As always, in old homes, be careful around lead based paint.

Can you mix acrylic paint and satin paint?

If they are both of the same base you can. Satin paint can be an acrylic or a latex,or an oil. Check on the can cleaning instructions for base. Jason Pollock used both in his work 'Bluepoles' which hangs in the Canberra museum I think

Why do you have paintings?

The purpose of painting is to show the beauty of your mind to others. painting is on of the most creative work.

Can satin paint with primer in it go over glossy paint?

Yes, after ensuring that the surface is clean, oil-free and dull. Lightly sand the shiny surface to help the new paint adhere. Even though the paint is marketed as paint with primer, it still requires basic prep work prior to application.

Can you mix a semigloss paint with a satin paint?

As long as they are the same base, ie latex and latex, or oil and oil, then it will not be a problem mixing sheens. Just make sure that you have enough to complete your job with, hopefully, a little touch up paint left because you probably will not be able to match it in the future.

What is better for walls flat or satin paint?

Satin or Eggshell are more resistant to dirt and easier to clean than Flat. But new advances in high-quality paint have recently created Flat paints that are easier to clean. I'm an interior designer and I typically use Eggshell on walls.

Can satin finish paint be used on top of eggshell paint?

Yes, as long as the surface is free of dirt, wax and grease, and the eggshell and satin are both the same type, ie latex or oil, then you should have no trouble at all painting a satin sheen paint over an eggshell. Also, if the base is water based and the topcoat is oil, that will work fine too.

How do you turn satin paint into flat paint?

It depends on the type of paint. Lacquers can be flattened with the addition of flattening agents, however most architectural coatings can not be flattened with over-the-counter additives.

Is there a way to make your satin paint into flat paint?

If it's an oil based paint, once it has dried fully, about 72 hours, you can sand it with fine sandpaper or use some 00 steel wool to reduce the gloss. Your results my vary on a water based paint.

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To accurately answer this question I have to know the type of the paint and possibly its color.