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A conversation in person directly to one another would be more productive then texting - and then tell him how you feel.

Answerwell he obviously isn't ready to communicate with you yet, so he's not over you completely. so i assume he is avoiding you because he knows once he talks to you again the feelings he has for you may surface again. Honestly, i think he is handling this situation the wrong way . You shouldn't text him anymore because you put yourself out there and if he cannot be mature enough to reply to a friendly text message, then frankly he's not worth it anymore.
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Did Ashanti kill her boyfriend?

She never killed her boyfriend it was just a video for show. It was fake. Haven't you heard of false advertisement, well it's basically the same thing. Most things in music videos are fake. They are just a way of expressing your feelings or what you want to happen. Like Pink's video so what. She and her boyfriend did breakup but she never actually did those things that she did in the video.

How do you know if your boyfriend hates you?

he will not tell you he loves you as much as he did and will stop going on dates with you. he will also most likely do something to hurt your feelings, if he does start to do all of these things i would sit him down and truly ask him if he likes you or not and if he says no then its your turn to sort things out or breakup with him.

Does your boyfriend loves you when he accepts your breakup with him?

Well, it could mean one of two things. 1. He may not love you as much as you thought he did. OR 2. He may be mature enough o handle a breakup and realize that it's not the end of the world when it happens. Because it happens to people all over the world. It's a part of life.

What does it mean when your boyfriend says he has something to tell you?

it either means that he wants to breakup with you, or that he is proposing to you. Well maybe that is not true it could mean many things maybe his grandmother died, don't read too much into it.

How friendly is too friendly if your friend offers to cook your boyfriend dinner and did not invite you?

Unless their going to give you a surprise party or something like that , I would say that is a little too close , unless they were friends and have done these kinds of things before you

How do you breakup with a boyfriend who has no job and no where to go and he won't leave?

just tell him the reasons that bother you a lot. Talk and get those things sorted out. Maybe he improves on those things and relationship gets saved.

3 things to do before answering a letter?

list three to do thhings before answering business letter

What is 7 things about?

It is about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend and why she doesn't like him anymore but then suddenly changes to why she does like him. It's about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend. It's about the seven things she hates about her boyfriend.

How did Jon and Kate breakup?

they didnt yet. theyre working things out, hopefully

My boyfriend started acting the way he did when we first started dating to another girl that doesn't like him should I be worried of a breakup?

Please do not be worried. Your worries and insecurity with this will defo show in your relationship and he will notice a change, thus causing tension and mis-communication, try not to let this affect you in anyway, if you do fear a breakup, boohoo its his loss anyway. It could just be paranoia, so hold your head up, things might not be as amplified as you make it seem. Make sure you speak to your boyfriend about this.

Should you breakup with your boyfriend?

Don't just break up with him. Talk about why you think things are not running smoothly, and maybe make adjustments to make things better. If you have already tried to fix things with no success, it might be time to cut ties and move on. If you are in an abusive relationship (verbal or physical), end the relationship immediately and seek help if necessary.

Can you reload 3.1.2 on your iPhone?

Do not know just answering things

What things about a person can change after a breakup?

Their appearance might change, and they might be less emotionally stable.

What does a girlfriend get a boyfriend for Christmas?

Things that is useful to her. Things that she loves.

How do you deal with boyfriend who has kids?

Children should always come first so if your boyfriend spends quality time with them this is a great indication he is mature and a good father. It takes time for children to get use to the idea that their biological parents will never be together again. Communication between you and your boyfriend should be your top priority. Take it slow and easy as far as meeting his children and when the time is right start doing fun things with your boyfriend and his children; this does not mean you still can't take time out for your boyfriend. Don't force yourself on the children, but be friendly even if they aren't all that friendly to you. When in doubt put yourself in their shoes.

What activities are there to do with your boyfriend?

There are many things you can do with your boyfriend such as going to the mall, movies, walk, study date, library all kinds of things

Is there a problem when you speak about your ex when with your boyfriend?

That would depend on several things. Do you talk to your boyfriend about your ex as in things you and he used to do together? Do you talk about him in a manner that would indicate to your boyfriend that you still love, or miss your ex? Do you tell your boyfriend things like, "That's not the way my ex did it"? If so, then it is a problem.

How do you breakup your dads girlfriend?

by telling your dad you dont like her and then tell her to leave and do bad things to her belongings

What is fare breakup?

A fare breakup is when you both agree to break up and there is no hard feelings, and you find yourself texting or contacting each other like you're good friends. As oppose to a bad breakup where the two of you are cussing each other out, and posting bad things about each other on facebook.

What couples break after a breakup?

Couples generally break various things after break up to show frustration. They break plates , things in the house, etc. They do these things to control their anger.

what are other sources about pet friendly decorating?

many products are friendly to animals and will be harder for them to destroy and make you have to buy new things.. they work agaisnt things pets do...

What can technicians do to be ozone friendly?

Technicians can do various things. They can avoid things which use CFC's.

How can you make your Pokemon more friendly?

There are various things that you can do to make your Pokemon more friendly. For example, you can feed them berries.

What little things can i get my boyfriend for Christmas?

There are many little things you can get your boyfriend for Christmas. You can buy him a gift card, knife, wallet, or a tool set.

What are the things done by both computer and human being?

answering questions and thinking