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I think because, you have to burn then in different ways EX: push ups is for abes; running is for legs.


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No this is not necessarily. The weight gets evenly distributed throughout the body.

excersise regularly, eat healthy snacks and eat less meals throughout the day

Pilates offers a great option for targeting problem areas such as the stomach and thighs. In particular the challenging core workouts in the various Pilates methods are very effective.

She happens to be someone who carries her weight in her midsection and thighs.

butt and thighs -> lunges stomach -> situps arms you should do curls and skull crushers. Neck bridges can help your neck, but be careful!

the body store's fat by keeping it in their stomach or thighs

Some of the best exercises on the Weider Crossbow 2000X to flatten your stomach and thighs are leg presses, lying crunches, and seated ab crunches.

Sounds like you have cellulite you have to couple that with exercising the abs.

No. Gas pains only cause stomach cramps.

to loose weight on your thighs you need to go on the bike and pedal fast for one hour and keep on doing throughout the month. GOOD LUCK

You dont specifically. Losing fat comes from where ever it was last put on. If fat was gained on your stomach, then hips, then thighs. It will come off in reverse; first your thighs, then hips, then stomach. Fat is lost from where ever your body pulls it from.

You use your calves, thighs, and muscles in your core and stomach. Sometimes, you work your biceps and shoulders.

chicken world of breast legs and thighs also butt and stomach from chickens

You Shouldn't Bounce your Stomach, And Thighs .never bounce you can permanently damage you musles

One way to flatten your stomach in 3 1/2 months is to exercise by doing crunches and also running.

it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs it goes to your thighs

You can't preferentially add fat to a certain part of your body. Where your fat goes is determined by your genes. But if you want to add muscle to your thighs, the best exercise is barbell squats.

there different for different people, but main spotsare feet, armpits,thighs,sometimes vaginas,or on the lower stomach .

Stomach, arms, thighs, face and breasts. If you're pregnant with a boy or girl can also be a determinig factor.

Some people wear underwear that has padding in the butt. But others were just born that way.

I am currently on my 10th day of post-liposuction. I had liposuction on my thighs and stomach. My thighs hurt more than my stomach did over the past week and has the most bruising. Walking isn't too difficult but I do have a slight limp due to the swelling on my right leg and because my legs go numb often. Too much walking also causes my knees, calves and feet to swell as well. I do though however notice my thighs are no longer touching which makes me happy! The first week is the hardest but after that it gets easier.

Eat things like rice,tortillas,bread, and also get on the treadmill and run A LOT,that will increase the muscle on your legs and thighs, while making them firmer,luck:)

Fat builds up around the omentum and stomach rather than around the thighs and buttox of women.

There is no food or exercise that specifically makes fat disappear from your stomach. You body has specific order, and where ever you gained weight first, you will lose the weight from that area last.i.e if I gained 10kg and noticed my stomach get bigger then my thighs. if I started to loose weight I would see weight come off my thighs first then my stomach.People have certain body types:Gynoid: pear shape - stores weight mainly around the thighs - their weight will disappear from their stomach firstAndroid: Apple shape - loose weight from around thighs and hips first, then stomach.or you can have a mix of both.You just need to reduce your energy intake (deficit your energy by 500 calories per day = you will loose half a kg per week) and when you loose enough you will notice change in your stomach. Mix it up with cardio and weight. Cardio burns energy, weights builds muscle and thus increases your metabolism.Good luck

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