If you can move out at 17 in Texas does it matter who you go and live with?

i know from experience, and talking to many cops and the court. You can not move out at the age of 17, unless you have applied for an emancipation, and have been gratned the right to emanipate your self. in which case, you have to live completely on your own. paying for all your own affairs, you can not live with someone else. However, there is a way around all this. If and only if your parents agree to sing a paper in which it says that they have given you permision to live else where, you can be picked up by a cop, and brought back home, and the person you are residing with, can go to jail. I have learned all of this from experience. If you have mor3e questions, ask your local cop. they will tell you.


The age of majority in Texas is 18. The state does not have emancipation status, the rights of a minor person are designated in the Civil Practice and Remedies Code Title 5, Chapter 129. Parent(s) or legal guardian of a minor can give written permission for the minor to temporarily reside with another qualified adult. ("Qualified adult" does not pertain to boyfriend or girlfriend even if they have reached the age of majority). Temporary custody is generally defined as three months or less. The reality is many underaged individuals do leave the family home and parental custody before reaching the state age of majority. The resulting consequences depend upon the what actions the parent(s) take and/or the laws of the state.