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There are many cases of women having normal (uterine) pregnancies after having their tubes tied, while their tubes are STILL tied. An ectopic pregnancy, is a pregnancy within the fallopian tube-this can happen to a woman who does, or does not, have her tubes tied, as well as a woman who have never been pregnant before or who has had normal pregnancies in the past.

However, woman who have had a tubal ligation reversed are at higher risk for ectopic pregnancies as her fallopian tubes will have scarring and may not be as 'free-flowing' as before the tubal ligation. This risk is especially high immediately following the reversal (for up to 60 days, while healing), as the tubes themselves are swollen due to the recent procedure. However, it is not as high of a risk as some believe. Many women go on to have a normal pregnancy.

Many doctors recommend performing reliable Birth Control methods during this time to lessen the risk of ectopic pregnancy,as ectopic pregnancies can irreversibly damage the fallopian tube and if left undetected cause death.

Invitro fertilization is possible also, but it is more expensive. Tubal reversals can cost 5-7,000 and cycles are much pricier with the fertilization. There is also a charge for EACH cycle.

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Q: If you cannot afford a tubal reversal what are your options?
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