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If she's naked on top then something was up. If she was wearing a sweater or blouse without a bra underneath then you can't accuse your husband. Your husband must have given you some excuse if he denied that anything was going on. Please post again under this answer and give us a little more information so we can give you the best advice possible.

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Husband is cheating on you with a girl always wearing yellow?

I guess maybe I don't understand the question. Do you think the color yellow has something to do with why the husband is cheating? The only thing I can think of is that the husband finds the color yellow somehow exciting. Maybe the wife should start wearing it (unless she's blonde, then yellow will make her looked "washed out").

If a husband does not wear his briefs in the winter time is this a sign of cheating?

This doesn't seem like a clear sign of cheating. Did you ask your husband why he's not wearing his briefs (or has switched to boxers)? I would ask him in a non-attacking manner to see what he says before jumping to conclusions...are there other things that make you think he is cheating?

What should you do if your husband likes wearing bra's?

Talk to him and find out why he is wearing them.

How can a coworker influence an employee behavior at work?

if she is hot and wearing a short skirt it can affect you alot. let me tell you ........

How do you use peculiar in a sentence about a strange costume?

The strange costume had peculiar black feathers attached at the shoulders. Wearing a peculiar costume that mixed Victorian times with 1970s heavy metal, the girl looked rather strange. It is quite peculiar that penquins appear to be wearing tuxedos as costumes, but no one thinks penquins look strange.

What does it mean to see you future husband in a dream wearing the color purple?

That means your future husband is going to be annoying

How do you catch your husband cheating?

Unfortunately if you don't know that your husband is cheating it will be a bit hard. If this is his first time you can only pay attention to his action. Watch all the things he does, if you notice that his cell phone can't be found, that will be one of them. Your the only one that can tell what kind of changes he have, like how many times does he shower each day, or if he ever shower everyday. Does he start wearing cologne but he never does before. Have you ever seen the cell phone statement. This are some that you can tell if he is or not.

If a married man ex mistress stopped wearing her engagement ring after she got caught cheating n he never wore his b4 but started wearing it now if she started wearing hers again would he get jealous?

Short answer, no.

Why did queen Victoria end her days of wearing black?

She was wearing black for the rest of her life because her husband alsoo her cousin died prince albert

Does it mean he is cheating if you find a pair of women's underwear stuck between the mattresses in you and your boyfriend's bed but the underwear are not yours?

Sounds like he is, yes Or he is a transvestite. this could mean several things. 1, he is cheating and didnt think you'd look there. 2 they belonged to his ex and he jst never got rid of them. 3 they belonged to his ex and he hasn't let go. 4 he has a strange liking to wearing womens underwear.

What if your husband goes out wearing your clothes?

Talk to him about it. Tell him not to wear your clothes without asking.

Why isn't Nancy Grace wearing her wedding ring?

her husband finally but good for him, DUMPED her

Your husband has been cheating and he has been wearing condoms are you safe?

No you are not 100% safe condoms only protect you with certain STD not all. Syphilis. and genital warts are not passed in semen but by contact with genitals of an infected person. Also condoms are only 94-97% effective against gonorrhea and chlamydia , and HIV. So if you know or think he has been cheating protect yourself and go get tested.

What is the significance of a married woman wearing a heart and lock pendant that is not from her husband?

The lock pendant that the married woman is wearing could either be from a former husband that may have passed away; it could have been given to her by a family member or possibly one of her children.

Why do Josephine and Constantia find it difficult to discuss their father's death after it happens?

He died wearing a strange facial expression.

How do you use gawk in sentence?

Bob told his son Jeffery not to gawk at the strange clothing that his old roommates are wearing.

Is it strange to wear a training bra after you out grow it i am 32B?

Do you mean "Is it strange to wear a training bra after you've grown out of it?" If this is what you mean, then yes it is strange, you shouldn't be wearing the wrong size bra. It's not a healthy habit, if you are a B32, then you should be wearing that size. And you shouldn't even be wearing a training bra after size A, you need more support in that area. Unless you have all your bras in the wash, and you NEEDED a bra, then once would be fine, but other then that, please wear the right size, it's just appropriate and common sense.

What does a man wearing a wedding ring on middle finger of the left hand mean?

well, it shows that he is married but he is cheating. so watch out for that

Wife comes home wearing different panties?

Ask her, it may be that she spotted and wanted a clean pair. If you think she is cheating, she probably is.

What bra is Whitney Cummings wearing in the Whitney commercial where her and her husband are getting ready in front of a mirror?

Her lover's

What episode was it when Cody gave bailey flowers and she was wearing a blue shirt?

It was the episode "Breakup In Paris". Bailey stamps on the flowers, in the belief that Cody was cheating on her. Im not sure if this is the episode, because in Breakup In Paris, she is wearing a dress.

Can dry humping lead to pregnancy I ejaculated on my underwear but i was wearing jeans she was also wearing jeans and a thong. I know it's hard but she is having some strange symptoms.?

It is very unlikely that she's pregnant

Your husband said he is not in love with you but he is still at home in your bed and wearing his wedding ring What is going on?

i dont know,.,.,., hehehehehe

What do you call a woman wearing black clothes because her husband passed away?

You can call her a widow, or you can say she is in mourning.

Do you think guys should be banned from wearing makeup its a girls thing its called cheating?

definitely. make up is feminine. guys should be masculine