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Q: If you change the factory CD player in a 1996 Monte Carlo will the steering wheel radio controls still work?
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Steering wheel mounted remote audio controls work with a new audio player?

The steering wheel controls will work with some decks. Depending on the brand and model, you have to purchase an adapter that will allow your controls to work. However!!!, if you remove your factory deck, you will loose many options. eg. low tire pressure, change oil, etc. One way of installing an after market deck is to move your factory deck into the trunk and install a new head unit.

How do i get a new CD player to work on a 1991 Bonneville sse steering wheel?

Very few aftermarket ones will, Sony used to make a model that would in the 1990's but it may not be available anymore. Only factory stereos from cars with steering wheel controls have the plug on the back to accept the wiring from the steering wheel controls.

Do the steering wheel radio controls still work if an after market CD player is put into a 2002 Grand Prix?


Do the steering wheel radio controls still work in an aftermarket CD player is put into a 1992 Pontiac GTP?


Can you install a radio in your 2005 ford explorer and not lose your factory DVD player?

I recently replaced the factory radio in my 1999 EB Explorer and, while the new radio had a CD player in it, I lost the use of the 6 CD changer in the armrest. Also, if you have steering wheel controls or rear seat controls, you may need to also install an add on, assuming the radio has an infrared remote control, to enable these controls. I also did this and it works reasonably well.I used Crutchfield and they are very helpful in answering questions you may have - you should try that

If you install a CD player into a 1986 300ZX will the radio controls on the steering wheel still work?


In a 2000 Renault Clio that originally came with a radio cassette player will the controls at the steering wheel and the display still work with a Renault CD player?

Almost definately. I had the radio cassette in my wifes 02 Clio replaced by a Renault CD player and it worked with the steering wheel controls. Not sure about the procedure (we had it done at the dealership we bought the car from as an add in when we bought it) so don't know what if anything else they had to do.

Do you have to put a CD player for subwoofers?

no, a factory CD player can be used in a vehicle that has subwoofers attached. as long as the factory CD player in the vehicle has treble, bass, and subwoofer controls on it, it will be fine. if not, an aftermarket CD player will be the solution. with subwoofers, you need to control the amount of power that are ran through them. the amplifier is a control, but if not set correctly on the CD player, you could blow your subwoofers.

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If you replace the facory stereo in a Monte Carlo will you lose the steering wheel controls?

yes. there are aftermarket brands that offer remote capability but it has limitations. if you really like the remote controls you might want to look into an original equipment upgrade to gain a CD player or multi CD changer that was made for your car and retain the steering wheel controls, you can usually pick one up at a junk jard.

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