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Q: If you install a CD player into a 1986 300ZX will the radio controls on the steering wheel still work?
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How do you install a power steering pump bracket on a 1993 300zx?

The same way you take it off! But in a reverse order.

Where is horn on a 300zx?

on the steering wheel

300ZX where do you put in the power steering fluid?

Into the power steering reservoir under the hood.

Can you install a 302 engine on a Nissan 1988 300zx?


Is the steering wheel lockable on a 1985 Nissan 300zx?

Yes, i own one and the steering wheel locks on me sometimes on accident.

Front speaker install Nissan 300zx?

Yes, it's possible.

How do take off the steering wheel on a 91 Nissan 300zx with airbag?

You don't have an airbag

Does 91 Nissan 300zx have tilt steering?

No. None of the Z32 300zx's have them. (1990-1996) There is no option for it either. The only thing you could do is buy an aftermarket wheel that is smaller.

Where is the best place to install an amplifier in a 1987 300zx?

In the hatch or behind seats

How do I install after market RPM gauge for a Nissan300zx?

You dont need one you idiot, i will key your ricer 300zx if u ever do that, your a disgrace to all 300zx owners!

What kind of power steering fluid is used for a 1984 300zx turbo?

Automatic Transmission fluid

Where do you put power steering fluid in a 1990 300zx?

The power steering fluid reservoir is up on the passenger side wheel well in the engine bay. Looks like a short fat silver coke can with hoses coming out of it. On a side note, the 300zx twin turbo uses ATF (automatic transmission fluid) not power steering fluid. usually a green casing with black top. the following link is NOT a 300zx, but the reservoir is about the same.

How do you install a thermostat on a 1987 Nissan 300ZX?

To install a thermostat on a 1987 Nissan 300ZX, remove the two nuts and one bolt on the lower water neck. Slip off the old thermostat and use a gasket sealant to secure the new thermostat.

Where is the power steering pump on a 1990 300zx?

At the front left side of the engine, if you are looking under the hood.

Where do you add power steering fluid to a 1992 Nissan 300zx?

its on the passenger side silver with a black cap.

If you install an aftermarket CD player into a 1991 300zx will the factory Bose speakers work?

Yes>>assuming you use the wire-adapter connection plugs sold seperatly

Where can you find the center steering wheel logo for a 90 300zx?

You can find just about anything you need on E Bay.

What does the HICAS warning light mean on your Nissan 300zx twin turbo?

four wheel steering warning light

How do you install fuel pump in 1991 300ZX?

You need to remove the panels in the trunk to get at the top of the gas tank, then you can easily remove the pump and install the new one.

How do you change a power steering belt on a 1986 Nissan 300zx five-speed?

you need to remove the radiator reservoir first. there are two screws you have to loosen on the power steering pump..thats it

How do you install a Nissan 300zx alternator?

best way to do it is from the underside using mostly box-end wrenches

Where is the power steering pump located at on a 1993 Nissan 300zx NA?

Directly above the Alternator. Its on the passenger side. The power steering pump is attached to the top left belt. Not to hard to get to if you need to.

How do you install a convertible top on a 1993 300zx?

I don't mean to be condescending but it would be more economical to buy a convertible first.

How do I install shocks of SUBARU To Nissan 300ZX 902?

If I understand right, you want to take shocks from a Subaru and install them into a Nissan. Forget about it. Just purchase new shocks meant for the Nissan.

When You put your Key in the ignition of a 1984 Nissan 300zx and it wont turn at all what do you do if its a manual transmission?

try wiggling the steering wheel it has a lock on it