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no the co-signer will have to make payments or they will be removed from residence.

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Q: If you co-sign on an apartment and the leaser doesn't make payments can they take your home that you own for payment?
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Are parents required to co-sign for an apartment when the tenant is over 18?

co-signors are required of anyone of any age who does NOT meet the credit requirements of the entity extending credit. doesnt have to be parents, that's just where kids normally go first. LOL No you are not required to cosign for anything for anyone, not even your own child after the age of 18.

Does the co borrower have any legal options to recoup losses against the other co borrower when they default and they have to sell the car?

Nope, when you cosign the bank doesnt care who the money comes from. If the money doesnt come in your both equaly at fault.

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Can i stop child support payments if both children are 18 or older one just got married and doesnt live at home anymore the other is 20 and has a lease on his own apartment and has had it for 6 months?

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The best tool you have is communication. Most banks will try to help you out if you just call them and state your situation this doesnt mean they will allow you not to make a payment for a few months, most likely they will give you some extra time to pay. If that still isn't enough how do you feel about can get a lower monthly payment but pay more interest. If you just stop paying than yes most likely in 1 or 2 months they will repo the vehicle.

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