If you conceive a few days before your period is scheduled to start would you miss your period?


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2011-09-12 21:48:43
2011-09-12 21:48:43

Yes, you will miss your period. If you are pregnant, you will not have a period.

But you are unlikely to conceive a few days before a period. Most women ovulate 14 days before a period and this is the only time you can conceive. and 'a few days before' the ovum has already gone so cannot be fertilised.

You can definitely conceive a few days before your period! You can conceive at any time - the ideal is during ovulation but you can still conceive at any time!!!

No, you will always ovulate 14 days before your period, no matter how long your cycle is. The egg will have already died at this stage because it wasn't fertillised.


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Certainly! You will conceive around your ovulation time which is about 14 days before your period! I would start taking a pregnancy test around the date of your expected period and see if your conception was successful!

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No, because you will not have an egg around to be fertilised.

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Yes, period or not, you can conceive a child. Even if someone hasn't started their period they can get pregnant because they never know when they're about to start. No one should use their period as an excuse to have unprotected sex.

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