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Yes, you will miss your period. If you are pregnant, you will not have a period.

But you are unlikely to conceive a few days before a period. Most women ovulate 14 days before a period and this is the only time you can conceive. and 'a few days before' the ovum has already gone so cannot be fertilised.

You can definitely conceive a few days before your period! You can conceive at any time - the ideal is during ovulation but you can still conceive at any time!!!

No, you will always ovulate 14 days before your period, no matter how long your cycle is. The egg will have already died at this stage because it wasn't fertillised.

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Q: If you conceive a few days before your period is scheduled to start would you miss your period?
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Is it possible to conceive two weeks before you got your period or definitely after?

Certainly! You will conceive around your ovulation time which is about 14 days before your period! I would start taking a pregnancy test around the date of your expected period and see if your conception was successful!

What is the Best Time to Conceive for pregnancy?

i read in a book that the best time to conceive is 2 days before the start of your period.

Can you conceive the day you start your period and continue to have a normal period?

No, because you will not have an egg around to be fertilised.

Can you conceive the morning of your period?

Yes, period or not, you can conceive a child. Even if someone hasn't started their period they can get pregnant because they never know when they're about to start. No one should use their period as an excuse to have unprotected sex.

If your period ended on Monday but you are not scheduled to start your new birth control pack till Sunday can you get pregnant if you have sex between that time before you start your new pack?

In a word...NO.

Can you take a pregnancy test if you're not due to start your period for another two weeks but think you are pregnant or do you have to wait for your period?

As you ovulate and conceive 2 weeks before a period you cannot yet take a pregnancy test.

What time is the super bowl game scheduled to start in pacific time zone?

Three hours before the time it is scheduled to start in the Eastern time zone.

Can you conceive 11 days after your period?

Yes you can if you have a short period like 26 days each month you could start OV as early as the 8th day of you period

When are you most likely to conceive before or after your period?

You are most likely to conceive between the 14th and the 17th day after your first day of the period. You can also start measuring your temperature every morning. A very slight increase of your temperature around the time stated above will indicate that now is the time to conceive. However, if you choose to do the temperature method, you have to do that for a couple months and you should write it down daily. Good luck!

After stopping depo do you have to wait to have a period before you can conceive?

No, you can conceive as soon as you start to ovulate. It is recommended to wait around 12 months before attempting to conceive in order to allow your body to make up for nutrients lost while using hormonal birth control. It's a good idea to allow your cycles time to regulate and use fertility awareness method to track your cycles to improve chances of conception.

Is a pregnancy 38 weeks from conception?

Yes it lasts 40 weeks from your last period, because you ovulate and conceive 2 weeks after the start of your last period

Is it possible to get pregnant after two days after your period?

No as you need to ovulate to get pregnant. You count 14 days from the start of your period and thats when you ovulate. If you dont conceive then you get your period 14 days later.

What is meant by childbearing age?

Any age at which a woman can conceive a between the time you start your period and menopause.

Will you have a period if you start the pill 1 week before your period?

If you start the pill a week before your period, you probably will not get it when expected. Instead, you'll get it at the end of the pill pack.

How long After a period can you conceive?

A classic answer given is, the optimum (most likely) time to conceive is 12-15 days after the start of menstruation. There is much variability and uncertainty in this. I'm posting two links to answer your question.

If you are 11 weeks pregnant on Dec 30 2009 when did you conceive?

Nine weeks before that, which is the same as two weeks after your last menstrual period. Doctors include the two weeks before conception in their calculation of the pregnancy date; that is, they start the calculation from the first day of your last period. Approximately 10/31/09.

How long before your period do you get signs of having a period?

Usually you get PMS symptoms about a week before your period is due to start.

Is it normal to get cramps a day or two before you start your period like is it a sign that your period is going to start soon?

yes, this means that you are about to start your period soon yes, this means that you are about to start your period soon

My period come every 20 21 days and stay on for 5 days what my cycle length and does that make me irregular when do I ovulate Is clomid a good start when you trying to conceive?

You are not considered to be irregular if your period comes every 20-21 days and stays on for 5 days. Clomid is a good start when you are trying to conceive and you most likely ovulate about 12 days after your menstrual period ends.

Do you have to start your period before having a baby?

yes. You must have had at least one period before you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you are 12 years old and you have never have a period?

Before you start to bleed you ovulate so yes, you can get pregnant before you start to bleed. You will not know if you are in your period before you bleed.

Can a woman conceive on her period day?

Yes, but it depends on each woman's cycle. Some women may ovulate just a few days before their menstrual cycle is supposed to start. This is best determined by an ovulation test.

What if you wear the birth control patch during your period?

If you wear the birth control patch during your period, you may have a lighter or absent or shorter period. Be sure to start the next patch as scheduled.

Is it possible for a child to get pregnant before they start their period?

Yes, women ovulate BEFORE each period, so even before the first time we have our period, we ovulate. There is always that chance that they are about to start. (Ovulating is when the egg comes down)

What does six days before your missed period mean?

It means that if your period is supposed to start on Saturday, 6 days before your missed period would be the Tuesday before.